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omb -- CA Joint Venture Program-CA Dept of Corrections and Business

Posted: 13 Sep 2011 08:40:18
CA Joint Venture Program (JVP). 

This list serve noticel is intended to provide you with
information about the CA Joint Venture Program (JVP). If it is of
interest, please contact:
Gary.Bush@calpia.ca.gov or (877)

The JVP is a California Department of Corrections and
Rehabilitation (CDCR) inmate vocational program that allows
private enterprises to hire inmates, in order to provide them
with valuable work experiences, while setting up operations
within correctional facilities. The California Prison Industry
Authority (CALPIA) manages the JVP on behalf of CDCR. Truly a
win-win for California, the JVP benefits businesses, the
taxpayers and the state.

California’s JVP offers organizations attractive cost benefits
and tax credits for employing inmates:
•           A 50% discount on Workers’ Compensation Insurance
•           No employee-benefit packages required (medical,
vacation, sick leave, etc.)
•           State tax credits
•           Available spaces in locations throughout California
•           Long term leases at below market rates
•           Selected, reliable, highly motivated ready-to-work
•           Products feature “Made in the USA” label and freely
sold intrastate, nationally, and in foreign markets.

The JVP benefits the state and taxpayers –with monthly payments
by the individuals as follows:
•           Income taxes
•           20% net pay to cover their room and board
•           20% net pay to victim restitution and compensation
•           20% net pat to mandated savings, and
•           20% net pay to family support

To learn more about the JVP, see

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