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dg -- New DG Certification DG-035 - Capstone Turbine Corporation

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 14:51:14
The California Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order
(EO) for Distributed Generation Certification to Capstone Turbine
Corporation. The EO applies to Capstone Turbine Corporationís 200
kW C200 ICHP MicroTurbine technology.  To view the EO, please go
to ARB's Distributed Generation Program website at the URL below
and click on "Current" link under Executive Orders on the left
side of the page.


Distributed Generation (DG) refers to electrical generation
sources that are located near the place of use of the electrical
energy.  Senate Bill (SB) 1298 (chaptered in 2000) required the
Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) to establish a distributed
generation certification program for electrical generation
technologies that are exempt from local air district permits.
Pursuant to SB 1298, the Board adopted a DG Certification
regulation in 2001. The DG Certification program established
emission standards that manufacturers must meet in order to sell
DG technologies in the State.

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