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msei -- EMFAC2011 Public Release

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 14:25:46
The California Air Resources Board is announcing the release of

An overview of improvements to EMFAC for EMFAC2011 is available

A multi-level searchable database of EMFAC2011 output, the
EMFAC2011 modules, on-line training presentations, frequently
asked questions, and technical documentation is available at:  

If you have questions, please email the Mobile Source Emissions
Inventory Branch staff at msei@arb.ca.gov and we will respond
promptly to your requests.

EMFAC is California’s model for estimating on-road mobile source
emissions inventories for air quality and transportation
planning, regulatory assessment, and project-level assessment. 
This update is required to meet federal air quality and
transportation planning guidelines.  EMFAC2011 has been updated
with the latest information on vehicle populations and miles
traveled in California.  It reflects recently adopted diesel
regulations including the Truck and Bus Rule and other diesel
fleet rules, and recently adopted greenhouse gas regulations
including the Pavley Clean Car Standard and the Low Carbon Fuel
Standard.  It has been updated with the latest inventory methods
for heavy duty trucks and buses, which reflect the impact of the
economic recession.  

Earlier this year ARB submitted SIP revisions to the U.S.EPA for
PM2.5 and ozone standards.  Those demonstrations incorporated
truck emissions estimates from EMFAC2011.  

To make accessing EMFAC2011 easier, ARB has developed two new
database tools that provide EMFAC2011 emissions and emission
rates, at variable levels of detail, over the internet. 
In order to accommodate the updates to inventory methods and to
reflect recently adopted rules, staff modernized the structure of
the EMFAC model.  EMFAC2011 is comprised of three modules.  The
first module, named EMFAC2011-LDV, estimates passenger vehicles
emissions.  A second module, called EMFAC2011-HD, estimates
emissions from diesel trucks and buses.  A third module
integrates the output of EMFAC2011-LDV and EMFAC2011-HD and
provides users with the ability to conduct scenario assessments
for air quality and transportation planning.  The third module is
called EMFAC2011-SG.  All three modules are available for
download through our web site.  

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