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ordiesel -- In-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation discussion paper and revised regulatory language

Posted: 25 Jul 2007 17:51:33
ARB staff is releasing a discussion paper and revised regulatory
language in advance of tomorrow’s Board meeting. ARB staff has
prepared a discussion paper for the Board meeting tomorrow
summarizing some key outstanding issues related to the proposed
in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation.  It is posted on our
website at

ARB staff is also proposing several modifications to the
proposed In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles regulation, which was
initially published on April 5, 2007 and which was modified on
May 23, 2007.  The suggested modifications will be presented to
the Air Resources Board for consideration on Thursday, July  26,
2007 and are posted on our website at

The new changes added since May 23, 2007 include the following:
•	Updated definition of alternative diesel fuel
•	Updated definition of diesel fuel 
•	Change in small fleet definition to include fleets up to 2,500
•	Special provision for non-profit training centers to be
considered small fleets and for the Job Corps training program
to be exempt from all but labeling and reporting requirements
•	Change to never require more than 20%/yr retrofit during
compliance after the final target dates  
•	A new appeals process for fleets that think retrofit is not
safe in case the Executive Officer denies that claim 
•	New requirement for fleets to report  low-use vehicles
•	Extending reporting requirements to 2026 for small fleets,
2021 for large/medium fleets
•	Removal of the three month grace period for out-of-state or
new fleets that come to California
•	Allowing fleets that participate in demonstration projects to
accumulate carryover retrofit credit, even if the device they
demonstrate is not eventually verified
•	Allowing use of diesel replacement hp for electric vehicles
that are not direct replacements for diesel
•	Requiring ARB to issue a Certificate of Reported Compliance
with the In-Use Off-road Diesel Vehicle Regulation upon receipt
of the required reporting data and upon confirming that the
information reported shows that the reporting fleet is in
compliance with the requirements of the regulation
•	Removal of the PM requirement as one of the conditions a large
or medium fleet must meet when adding a new vehicle to the fleet
after not meeting the fleet average requirement on the previous
compliance date.

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