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ms-mailings -- Mail-out MSO 2011-02 - Reporting CA Vehicle & Engine Production Numbers for Assessing Annual Fiscal-Year 2011-2012 Certification Fees.

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 16:17:29
To cover the costs of the certification of on-road motor vehicles
and engines for sale in the State, California law and regulations
authorize the Air Resources Board (ARB) to collect annual
certification fees from vehicle and engine manufacturers and used
direct import (UDI) vehicle emission laboratories based on the
number of vehicles and engines they produced for sale in
California.   In Mail-out MSO #2011-02, manufacturers and
laboratories are requested to report the numbers of their
vehicles, engines, or UDI vehicles produced for California during
the 2010 calendar year that are subject to the certification fees
for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.   Manufacturers and laboratories
are requested to provide their production numbers to the ARB by
December 8, 2011.

Mail-out MSO #2011-02 can be obtained from the following link:


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