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porttruck -- Amendments to the Drayage Truck Regulation are now effective!

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 13:49:11
Important changes to the Drayage Truck Regulation:. 
On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, the Office of Administrative Law
approved amendments to the Drayage Truck Regulation.  These
amendments became effective immediately.  

The two key changes to the regulation are:

1)	Class 7 trucks are now Drayage Trucks with requirements in the
regulation.  These trucks have a manufacturerís gross vehicle
weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001-33,000 pounds and were previously
considered exempt.  Class 7 drayage trucks must now register in
the Drayage Truck Registry and modernize their pre-2007 model
year engines.  Namely, Class 7 drayage trucks must install a
retrofit for PM emissions by 1/1/2012 if operating in the South
Coast Air Basin.  Then, by 1/1/2014, all class 7 drayage trucks
statewide must meet 2007 engine standards.  

2)	Dray off is now illegal.  The regulation has been changed to
include drayage trucks operating off of port or rail yard grounds
that are transporting marine or rail cargos.  This includes
trucks hauling empty containers and bare chassis.  Dray off
activities can be reported to ARB enforcement at 626-459-4338.

Also, the end of the year deadlines for 2004 model year engines
and South Coast class 7 drayage trucks are fast approaching! 
Donít wait until the end of the year and get caught in the rush. 
To be assured of port or rail entry after the first of the year,
please register any new equipment in the Drayage Truck Registry
AND contact your destination ports and rail yards to make sure
you have met their local requirements as soon as possible.

The Drayage Truck Regulation is part of ARBís ongoing efforts to
reduce emissions and health risks from diesel-fueled engines and
improve air quality associated with goods movement.

For more information, please visit the Drayage Truck Regulation
website at www.arb.ca.gov/drayagetruck, by email at
drayagetruck@arb.ca.gov, or call our hotline at 888-247-4821.

Thank You. 

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