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energyaudits -- Additional Optional Energy Efficiency & Co-Benefits Assessment Report Reporting Forms are now available

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 09:24:50
Two additional versions of the reporting forms have been posted
on the Energy Efficiency & Co-Benefits Assessment web site.   

The reporting forms can be accessed at:


Two additional versions of the reporting forms, versions 4 and 5,
have been posted.  Version 5 is a simplified form of the previous
versions.  In Version 5, the Energy Efficiency Opportunities
input sheet was simplified to list all opportunities on a single
worksheet.  Version 4 includes minor modifications to Version 3. 
These modifications include changing the formatting of the input
field for the 2009 reported CO2e emissions to show more
significant figures and the addition of years 1990 to 2003 for
selection of project implementation time frame on process sheets
#1 through #15.  

Use of these forms is voluntary and therefore not required to
comply with the regulationís requirements that are specified in
title 17, California Code of Regulations, sections 95600 to
95612.  However, the forms are being provided as guidance and for
the convenience of those required to report.  Using these forms,
directly or as a guide to assist in preparing your submittal,
should help ensure that the information submitted is consistent
with the requirements of the regulation.  These forms may be
modified as needed and future updates will be available on this

If you have questions or suggested modifications to the forms or
to these instructions, please contact either:

Cherie Rainforth at (916) 327-7213 or crainfor@arb.ca.gov, or 

Douglas Grandt at (916) 324-0317 or dgrandt@arb.ca.gov.  

ARB staff is also available for meetings or teleconferences for
any questions about the audit or if you wish staff to provide
feedback on your audit approach.

This regulation requires the largest industrial facilities in
California to conduct an energy efficiency assessment of sources
of greenhouse gases to determine the potential emissions
reduction opportunities.  Additional information on the
regulation is available at the following link:


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