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newsrel -- Califoria Truckin' News: Air pollution compliance for heavy trucks

Posted: 01 Dec 2011 15:44:30
Air pollution compliance for heavy trucks

California Environmental Protection Agency
Air Resources Board
California Truckin' News

December 1, 2011

Contact: Mary Fricke
Karen Caesar

Air pollution compliance for heavy trucks

Truck owners across the nation should have received ARB’s
postcard titled "Diesel Truck Owners: Act Now" sent in August as
a reminder of the end-of-year air pollution compliance deadline.
ARB staff were guests on several XM satellite and AM radio shows
during the months of August and September and answered questions
from live listening audiences on the upcoming deadline.  The
broadcasts included a host of other trucking issues, including
TRUs, pets in the cab and fines.  Daily ARB call volume on ARB’s
diesel hotline (1-866-6DIESEL) is an indicator that there is
great interest from the trucking community regarding California’s
diesel regulations.

This month we’re featuring articles focused on requirements for
privately and federally owned trucks and buses subject to the
Truck and Bus regulation.  Requirements are based on gross
vehicle weight rating. Lighter trucks and buses with a GVWR of
14,001 to 26,000 lbs. do not have any compliance requirements
until 2015.  Heavier trucks and buses must comply starting
January 1, 2012, and are the focus of this article.  This does
not apply to trucks that transport marine cargo, containers, or
transport chassis that must comply with the Drayage Truck

General Requirements for Heavier Trucks
Heavier trucks (GVWR greater than 26,000 lbs.) must comply by
engine model year as shown in the following table:

Engine Model Year Schedule for Heavier Trucks and Buses
Engine Year	PM Filter	2010 MY Engine
Pre-1994	Not required	January 1, 2015
1994-1995	Not required	January 1, 2016
1996-1999	January 1, 2012	January 1, 2020
2000-2004	January 1, 2013	January 1, 2021
2005 or newer	January 1, 2014	January 1, 2022
2007-2009	Already equipped	January 1, 2023

Replacement of older models with a 2010 MY or newer engine meets
the final requirements.  However, fleets could also replace older
trucks with used trucks that have a future compliance date on the
schedule.  For example, a replacement truck with a 2007 MY engine
complies until January 1, 2023 as shown in the table above. There
are no reporting requirements if fleets are complying with the
engine MY schedule as shown above.  

Small Fleet Option for Heavier Trucks
A small fleet is defined as having one to three diesel trucks or
buses with a GVWR greater than 14,000 lbs.  Small fleets can
delay compliance for heavier trucks until 2014.  Small fleet
owners with 1996 to 1999 MY engines must report by January 31,
2012, and those with 2000-2004 MY engines must report by January
1, 2013, to delay compliance.  All small fleet owners must report
by January 31, 2014, to show that one vehicle has a PM filter and
can delay the 2010 MY engine requirement until 2020 or later. 
Fleet owners with two or three trucks must report that the second
and third trucks have PM filters by 2015 and 2016, respectively. 
Starting January 1, 2020, small fleet owners must upgrade to 2010
MY engines according to the engine model year schedule.

PM Filter Phase-In Option for Heavier Trucks
Fleet owners can also comply by phasing in PM filters for a
percentage of their trucks from 2012 to 2016 by the dates shown
on the table below.  Starting January 1, 2020, fleet owners must
upgrade to 2010 MY engines according to the engine model year

Fleets owners need to report to ARB by January 31, 2012, to take
advantage of the PM filter phase-in option.  Fleet owners need to
report which vehicles are retrofitted with PM filters and which
vehicles have original equipment PM filters (2007 model year or
newer engines), because both count toward compliance.  Fleet
owners that report can still demonstrate compliance with the
engine model year schedule in any year.

 PM Filter Phase-In Option for Heavier Trucks
Compliance Date	Vehicles with PM Filters
January 1, 2012	30%
January 1, 2013	60%
January 1, 2014	90%
January 1, 2015	90%
January 1, 2016	100%

For example, consider a fleet with 10 trucks, where six have 1996
to 1999 MY engines and four have 2007 to 2009 MY engines (with
original equipment PM filters).  The fleet already has PM filters
on four out of 10 trucks or 40 percent of the fleet.  Therefore,
the owner already complies in 2012.  By 2013, the owner needs to
add two PM filters to the fleet to show that 60 percent of the
fleet has PM filters.  By 2014, the fleet owner needs to have PM
filters on 90 percent of the trucks and can meet the requirement
by retrofitting three existing trucks.  One truck can operate
without a PM filter until 2016. 
This option allows the fleet owner to use existing trucks
originally equipped with PM filters to delay compliance and
spreads out compliance over several years, where the model year
schedule would require six trucks to be retrofit by January 1,
2012.  Starting January 1, 2020, the fleet owner must upgrade to
2010 MY engines according to the engine model year schedule.

Fleet owners that report and use the PM filter phase-in option
for heavier trucks can delay compliance for part of the fleet
until 2016 if the company has downsized compared to October 1,
2006.  Fleets can also take advantage of credits to delay
compliance for part of the fleet until 2017 for the following:
•	Early retrofit PM filters (installed on trucks or off-road
•	Early addition of engines with original equipment PM filters
before 2012; and,
•	Adding heavier fuel-efficient hybrids or alternative-fueled

Additional Options
The regulation also has special provisions that delay some or all
of the compliance requirements for certain situations or truck
types.  For example, owners of heavier construction trucks that
operate below certain mileage thresholds can take advantage of an
extension until 2016 for a limited number of trucks in the fleet.
 Log-trucks can opt to upgrade to 2010 MY engines at a rate of 10
percent per year, starting January 1, 2014, and no retrofits are
required. To take advantage of these options, fleet owners must
report and opt-in by January 31, 2012.

Other provisions require reporting, but only when vehicles in the
fleet do not comply with the engine model year schedule. 
Vehicles that operate exclusively in parts of the state with less
polluted air can delay PM filter requirements for heavier trucks
and both lighter and heavier trucks can be exempt from the
requirements to upgrade to 2010 MY engines if already equipped
with PM filters.  Also, if any truck is driven less than 1000
miles per year in California, it can be exempt from the emission
reduction requirements. 
For more information on the requirements for heavier trucks and
the Truck and Bus regulation, go to www.arb.ca.gov/truckstop or
call 1-866-6DIESEL.

Next: The low-mileage construction truck provision.

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