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carpa -- Free Training Opportunity - Tuesday Dec 13

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 09:57:24
Free Training on the Field Capable FLIR Griffin 460 GC/MS for
members of the California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA).

Please join ARB’s Office of Emergency Response in a free
demonstration of the FLIR Griffin 460 Field Capable GC/MS,
Tuesday, December 13 from 1-3pm at the Monitoring and Laboratory
Division, 1927 13th Street, Sacramento CA 95814.

For more information about the training, please visit
http://www.arb.ca.gov/carpa/carpa.htm. If you’re interested in
attending, please RSVP Mark Copple at mcopple@arb.ca.gov or


The California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA) was formed
in 2006 by the California Air Resources Board, the US
Environmental Protection Agency, and the Governor's Office of
Emergency Services. CARPA's mission is to provide actionable
incident response information to protect public health and the
environment from the impacts of accident or deliberate releases
of hazardous compounds into the air.

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