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arbcombo -- Office of Administrative Law Approves California’s Cap-and-Trade and Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations

Posted: 15 Dec 2011 12:20:45
California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved the
California Cap on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Market-Based
Compliance Regulation, including Compliance Offset Protocols. 

The regulation is effective January 1, 2012. The version approved
by OAL removed several ‘reserved’ sections (that is, sections
that referenced future regulatory elements that have not yet been
approved) in the regulation to conform to rulemaking requirements
under the Administrative Procedure Act.  The removal of
‘reserved’ sections does not reflect policy decisions on whether
those areas will or will not be addressed in future rulemakings. 
Staff will continue to engage with stakeholders on issues
identified in Resolutions 10-42 and 11-32.

The regulatory materials can be accessed from our website at the

ARB has updated its cap-and-trade program webpages to provide
information related to program implementation.  These webpages
will be updated regularly as implementation guidance and systems
are completed.

The cap-and-trade program webpage can be accessed at the

OAL has also approved the Mandatory Reporting of GHG Emissions
Regulation.  The regulation includes amendments to harmonize the
California GHG reporting requirements with federal GHG reporting
requirements and support the California cap-and-trade program. 
The regulation is effective January 1, 2012.

The regulatory materials can be accessed at the address:

We look forward to our continued interaction with all
stakeholders to ensure a successful launch of the cap-and-trade

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