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newsclips -- Newsclips for December 21, 2011.

Posted: 21 Dec 2011 12:19:21
California Air Resources Board Newsclips for December 21, 2011. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Activists celebrate closing of polluting plant near L.A. school.
Settlement of a civil lawsuit against Palace Plating ends an
eight-year battle over the metal-finishing plant that residents
say contaminated their South Los Angeles neighborhood. With
nearly two dozen parents and others standing behind her,
community activist Martha Sanchez announced Monday the end of an
eight-year battle to close a metal finishing plant that residents
say has contaminated their South Los Angeles neighborhood, making
their children and teachers sick. Posted.

Stagnant air forces San Francisco pollution alert. San
Francisco—Stagnant air has forced San Francisco air quality
officials to issue a pollution alert. Residents are asked to
limit driving. Burning wood is illegal during Spare the Air days.
The San Francisco Chronicle ( http://bit.ly/uI0UTz) says it's the
eighth Spare the Air day since Dec. 7. Bay Area Air Quality
Management District spokesman Ralph Borrmann says skies appear to
be clear, but cold air near the ground is trapping pollutants and
creating a health hazard. Posted.

UC Merced Connect: Biofuel’s air pollution can offset benefits.
The burning of sugar cane fields before harvest for ethanol
production can create air pollution that detracts from the
biofuel's overall sustainability, according to research published
recently by a team of researchers led by UC Merced scientists. UC
Merced graduate student Chi-Chung Tsao was the lead author on the
paper and was aided in the study by UC Merced professors Elliott
Campbell and Yihsu Chen. Posted.


EU court upholds carbon trade plan for aviation. AMSTERDAM (AP)
-- U.S. air carriers failed Wednesday to block an EU law charging
airlines flying to Europe for their carbon pollution, yielding to
a sweeping measure intended to curb climate-changing emissions
from international aviation. The European Court of Justice in
Luxembourg dismissed arguments that imposing the European Union's
cap-and-trade program on flights to and from European airports
infringes on national sovereignty or violates international
aviation treaties. Posted.

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Summary Box: EU court upholds carbon trade plan. CARBON CHARGE:
U.S. airlines failed to block an EU law charging airlines flying
to Europe for their carbon pollution, The European Court of
Justice in Luxembourg dismissed arguments that imposing the
European Union's cap-and-trade program on flights to and from
European airports infringes on national sovereignty or violates
international aviation treaties. Posted.


Tesla Sets Prices, Specifications of 2012 Model S Battery Sedans.
Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), the U.S. electric- car maker that plans
to build a rechargeable sedan in California, said a
top-of-the-line version of the Model S will cost as much as
$92,400 when it goes on sale in 2012. Tesla released detailed
prices, features and options for the Model S sedan today on its
website. The car will be built in Fremont, California, with
deliveries beginning in mid-2012. Extended-range versions will
have enough lithium-ion battery capacity to travel as far as 300
miles per charge, Tesla said. Posted.

Toyota NS4 plug-in concept to debut in Detroit, Prius C to join
it. Toyota will come to the Detroit auto show with an advanced
plug-in-hybrid concept called the NS4. It will be the world
premiere of the car, but no other details were immediately
available. Meanwhile, the Prius C will make its U.S. debut. It's
positioned as an entry-level model in the Prius family, joining
the third-generation liftback, the Prius V mid-sized vehicle and
a plug-in model. Pricing for the Prius C hasn't been announced
yet, but the car will begin arriving in dealerships in spring
2012. Posted. 


Administration boosts drive for green energy. Pushing for
projects on both coasts. The Obama administration is boosting its
drive to support renewable energy projects on both coasts,
officials said Tuesday, including projects on public lands in the
West and pushing for offshore wind energy sites in the Atlantic
Ocean. Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar said his department
has approved a 300-megawatt solar farm in Arizona and a
200-megawatt wind farm in Southern California. The wind farm
includes 186 megawatts that would be produced on federal lands.

Investors not shying away from solar power. Solyndra
notwithstanding, some investors are still willing to bet big
money on solar power. Google, for example, reported Tuesday that
it will invest $94 million to help build four solar power plants
near Sacramento. And Stion, a San Jose startup that makes
thin-film solar cells, said Tuesday that it has raised another
$130 million in private investments, much of it from Korean
private equity funds. Posted.


Dan Walters: Cost of reaching for the sun will soar. As Gov.
Jerry Brown participated in a Capitol menorah-lighting ceremony
this week to mark the onset of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, he
uttered a secular prayer for a miracle that would make California
a model of carbon-free energy. Today's miracle, he said, "is not
to find more oil, but to utilize the sun," adding, "when we
continue to use our intelligence, we're going to take that sun
through the miracle of modern science and technology, and we're
going to light up California, our cars, our homes, our air
conditioners." Posted.
The Magic Word is…Adipic. Looking at Verdezyne and its bull
markets. Holy Capex, Batman! The race to commercial-scale adipic
acid is on. Does it matter? You bet your green nylons it does,
Robin. Here’s why. Myself, the only five syllable word I have
learned to use reliably is “Philadelphia”, but there’s this
seven-syllable doozy going around you might as well know
something about: renewablechemicals. It is generally used in
bio-based investment meetings as the universal answer to any
annoyingly difficult question that cannot otherwise be answered
with “Brazil”. Posted. .


On Our Radar: China Demands Emission Cuts. Amid protests over
pollution, China says it has ordered local governments to reduce
emissions of major pollutants by as much as 10 percent by 2015.
Skeptics point out that the government’s monitoring of pollutants
is lax and in some cases highly inaccurate. [The Telegraph]Google
says it will invest $94 million in four solar farms in the
Sacramento area in concert with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts &
Company. [The Los Angeles Times] Posted.

House Member Says Air Board Tried To “Mislead Congress” ARB’s
response to inquiry wasn’t what Orange County Republican had in
mind. Orange County Republican Darrell Issa says he remains
“deeply troubled” by what he calls a “lack of candor” & “internal
inconsistencies” in the California Air Resource Board’s (ARB)
response to his November 9th letter probing negotiations toward a
new national fuel economy standard. (You can read my original
post on Rep. Issa’s and Nichols first round of correspondence
here.). Posted.

Tesla announces pricing, options and battery specs for 2012 Model
S. Tesla is still a year away from delivering its first Model S,
but the up-start automaker has released official pricing details
on its all-electric sedan, along with options and battery specs.
Pricing for the Model S is broken down depending on battery
capacity and the resulting range, with the 160-mile version
commanding $57,400, the 230-mile variant priced at $67,400 and
the 300-mile Model S coming in at $77,400. There's also the
$87,400 Perfomance model which has the same 85-kWh battery as the
300-mile version. Posted. 

Rep. Issa asks CARB for more documents about 54.5 mpg CAFE
standards. A month ago, Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent letters to 15
automotive CEOs asking them for information about the possible
safety effects of implementing the proposed new fuel economy
standards. Now, he's following up with a new request to
California Air Resources Board chairwoman Mary Nichols for
documents about how CARB, the Obama administration and the
automakers came to the agreement to hit 54.5 miles per gallon by
2025. He's been down this road before, and claims that the 4,000
documents CARB sent him before were not enough, especially since
some had already been made public. Posted. 

Will the EPA’s mercury rule cause a wave of blackouts? No. Later
this afternoon, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson is expected to
roll out the agency’s new regulations on mercury and toxic
pollution from coal-fired power plants. That raises some
questions: Just how many plants will end up getting shuttered as
a result of all of the EPA’s new air-pollution rules? And how
much of a pain will this be?It’s a hotly debated topic these
days, with industry groups (and plenty of Republicans) predicting
possible blackouts and economic havoc, while environmentalists
have mostly been rolling their eyes. Posted. 

EEA data show most automakers must reduce emissions to meet
European 2015 CO2 regulations. While most car manufacturers have
already met their individual 2012 CO2 targets for Europe, several
carmakers need to make their fleets even more carbon-efficient to
meet the 2012 target, according to updated data published by the
European Environment Agency (EEA). The data also show that almost
all manufacturers must reduce emissions to meet 2015 targets
under European legislation for new passenger cars, based on
average CO2 emissions for each manufacturer. Posted. 

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