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arbcombo -- Public Workshop to Discuss Proposed Amendments to the Verification Procedure

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 16:01:06
Draft Regulatory Language for the January Workshop on Proposed
Amendments to the Verification Procedure is Now Available. 

California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff has posted
draft regulatory language for the January 19, 2012 workshop to
discuss proposed amendments to the Verification Procedure,
Warranty, and In-Use Compliance Requirements for In-Use
Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines (Verification
Procedure).  It is expected that these amendments will be
considered by the Board at its May 2012 meeting.  The draft
regulatory language can be found on the Verification Procedure
webpage at:


Along with minor changes and clarifications, the proposed
revisions to the Verification Procedure include the following:

•	Additional changes to the in-use compliance testing
requirements, including specifying when testing is required and
providing a new in-field testing option
•	New recall provisions
•	Changes to the pre-installation compatibility assessment
provisions, including additional requirements for installers of
verified DECS
•	Clarification of the definition of a warrantable event and
revised warranty reporting requirements
•	Changes to the backpressure monitoring requirements for
filter-based DECS

For more information about the January 19th workshop, please go
For more information about the Verification Program, please go
If you have any questions or require additional information,
please contact:
Mr. Dean Bloudoff, Air Resources Engineer, at (916) 322-8987, or
via email at dbloudof@arb.ca.gov.

Background:  The Verification Procedure is used by staff to
evaluate diesel emission control strategies (DECS) to determine
their suitability for use by regulated fleets.  Under the
guidance of the Verification Procedure, DECS manufacturers
perform emissions, durability, and field testing to quantify
emissions reductions and validate the durability of their
retrofit strategies.  Manufacturers of verified DECS are required
to conduct in-use testing using devices that have been in
operation for a prescribed period of time once a predetermined
sales threshold has been reached.  Any DECS used to satisfy the
requirements of ARB’s in-use fleet rules must be verified under
the Verification Procedure.  

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