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newsclips -- Newsclips for January 30, 2011

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 13:43:58
ARB News Clips for January 30, 2012. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


California Orders Automakers to Sell More Non-Polluting Cars.
California will require automakers to sell millions of
“zero-emission” vehicles -- battery- electric, plug-in hybrid and
hydrogen-powered -- setting new standards followed by states from
New York to Oregon. The rules adopted today by the California Air
Resources Board mean manufacturers will have to produce about 1.4
million advanced vehicles for sale in that state alone by 2025,
more than 40 times the number put on the road from 1996 through
2010, according to a state analysis. Posted.

California Passes New Auto-Emission Rules. California regulators
established new rules on Friday that require dramatic cuts in
emissions from most cars and trucks by 2025. The new "advanced
clean cars" regulations, adopted in a unanimous vote by the state
Air Resources Board, requires cars and light trucks sold in 2025
to emit 75% fewer smog-forming pollutants and reduce carbon
dioxide by about a third. Posted.

California orders hike in number of super clean cars. The state's
air board issues new rules to automakers as part of its effort to
cut greenhouse gases. California, long a national leader in
cutting auto pollution, pushed the envelope further Friday as
state regulators approved rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions
from cars and put significantly more pollution-free vehicles on
the road in coming years. Posted.

California passes landmark rules to curb auto emissions.
Transforming the next decade of America's auto industry, the
California Air Resources Board on Friday approved historic new
rules that require 15 percent of new cars sold in California by
2025 run on electricity, hydrogen or other systems producing
little or no smog. The board, meeting in Los Angeles, voted 9-0
to approve the package of "advanced clean car rules." Posted.

Calif. orders stepped-up sales of nonpolluting vehicles.
California regulators have approved a rule requiring 15.4 percent
of new vehicles sold in the state to be electric, fuel-cell or
plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2025.  The rule -- supported by major
automakers -- is part of a broader package of regulations called
the Advanced Clean Car program designed to cut vehicle greenhouse
gas and smog-forming emissions.  The new standards could mean 1.4
million electric, fuel-cell and plug-in hybrid vehicles on
California roads by 2025. Posted.

Official: California Requires More Hybrids, Electrics on the Road
by 2025.  California has long been the leader in green car
legislation. Now, the state’s air-quality regulator, the
California Air Resources Board, has approved a stringent round of
laws that require the addition of 1.4 million electric, plug-in,
and fuel cell vehicles on California roads by 2025.  Posted. 

UPDATE: At least 15% of California vehicles to be zero-emission
by 2025.  The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has developed
the Advanced Clean Vehicle Cars programme, seeking to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions, smog and sooth causing pollutants for
model years 2015 through 2025. The proposals that foresee one in
seven new vehicles sold in 2025 to be a zero-emission or plug-in
hybrid car were adopted on 27 January 2012. Posted. 


Beijing air pollution soars with fireworks smoke.  Clouds of
smoke from Lunar New Year fireworks sent air pollution readings
soaring in the more sensitive measurement system Beijing started
using a little more than a week ago, reports said Sunday. 
Readings of fine particulate matter called PM2.5 reached 1.593
milligrams per cubic meter on the Jan. 22 eve of the holiday,
about 100 times worse than the amount considered good for 24-hour
exposure, the city's environmental bureau said.  The reading drew
wide publicity in the local media on Sunday. Posted. 

AP Newsbreak:

Controlled burns may bring smoky conditions in Lake Tahoe.
Beginning Monday and throughout the week, Lake Tahoe residents
and visitors can expect to see smoke from prescribed fire
operations in various areas. The controlled burns are planned at
Emerald Bay, Kingsbury Grade, Kings Beach and the Bunker area of
Tahoe City, with size, location and timing depending on weather
conditions. Posted.

Suit targets dirty air. Activists want monitors near highways. A
growing body of science has confirmed common-sense instinct that
dirty freeway air is seriously bad for health, and that research
is now spurring Los Angeles activists and regulators to consider
new ways of addressing pollution. Although air quality in
Southern California has improved dramatically since the 1970s,
more and more evidence shows that pollutants remain concentrated
close to traffic corridors... Posted.

Enviro Technology predicts air quality will move up the political
agenda in 2012.  The next 12 months will see a substantial
increase in awareness of the issue of air quality in the UK and a
renewed focus on solving the problem, according to air quality
monitoring experts, Enviro Technology.  With poor air quality now
shortening the life expectancy of people in the UK by an average
of seven to eight months and costing society up to £20 billion
per year[i]…Posted. 


Ventura company looks to be player in carbon market. From an
office overlooking Ventura, Kirsten McGregor is trying to
rehabilitate the economies in Nicaragua and Cameroon while
keeping temperatures from rising around the world — all while
turning a profit. "We saw this as a huge opportunity," said
McGregor, co-founder and president of Global Green Carbon, a
Ventura-based company creating programs that companies can use to
offset their carbon dioxide pollution. "The concept of doing good
while making a profit made sense." Posted. 


California fuels rule sparks controversy. Just as it pioneered
curbs on greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks a
decade ago, California is championing standards that could
transform the fuel that goes into their tanks. But its new rule,
which requires lowering the amount of carbon in fuel sold in the
state, has become embroiled in a fierce public battle and has
been barred from being enforced. Posted.

No relief in rising gasoline prices as refineries shut down.
American motorists may well be wondering when, if ever, they will
again see a sustained and significant drop in retail gasoline
prices. Not in the foreseeable future, it seems. In California,
the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline has risen
another 3.3 cents in the last week, to $3.747, according to the
AAA Fuel Gauge Report. That's 39.1 cents a gallon higher than the
old record for Jan. 30, set just last year. Posted.

MORENO VALLEY: Natural gas station will open soon. Drivers will
be able to stop in Moreno Valley next month to fill up their
natural gas-powered vehicles. A San Clemente company called Go
Natural Gas Inc. (GNC) is building a gas station in the Canyon
Springs shopping center on Day Street. “We don’t expect there to
be high volume, maybe 10 vehicles a day,” said Julia Descoteaux,
an associate planner with the city who is overseeing the project.


Honda Begins Deliveries of Battery-Powered Fit. HONDA has begun
handing over the keys to its all-electric Fit EV. The first of
the 2013-model cars have been delivered to Google, Stanford
University and the city of Torrance, Calif., in advance of the
public introduction this summer. The three first cars will be
part of a demonstration program to provide advanced research and
driving feedback that Honda can use in the development of future
electric cars and powertrains. Posted. 

A big bet on electric vehicle manufacturing goes bust.  For
politicians betting on electric vehicles to drive job growth, the
view from inside Think City's plant here is their worst
nightmare: 100 unfinished vehicles lined up with no word on
whether they will be completed.  Only two years ago, the tiny
Think cars (two can fit in a regular parking space) were expected
to bring more than 400 jobs to this ailing city and a lifeline to
suppliers who once made parts for gas-guzzling recreational
vehicles.  Posted. 

Brown rejects high-speed rail cost estimate of $100 billion.
California's high-speed rail project will cost far less than the
state's current estimate of nearly $100 billion and environmental
fees paid by carbon producers will be a source of funding, Gov.
Jerry Brown said in an interview aired in Los Angeles on Sunday.
The Democratic governor's remarks suggested Brown may make
substantial changes to the rail plan before seeking legislative
approval this year. Posted.

MPG-pressed automakers still skip U.S. with new diesels.
Automakers are creating top-notch, affordable and fuel-saving
diesel engines -- and refusing to sell them in the U.S. Case in
point: the Honda Civic. Honda, already known for its engine
prowess, unveiled a new diesel for the Accord to reporters last
month that smaller, lighter and as powerful as its gas engines.
It will go on sale in Europe, and the U.S. will get left out,
Automotive News reports. Posted.

Expanded EV range through CO2 heat pump air-con.  Ancillary units
and assisting systems like air-conditioning have a distinct
impact on the range of electric vehicles. Konvekta has therefore
developed a heat pump system with CO2 as refrigerant, that can
heat and cool the vehicle, reheat and dehumidify the cubicle as
well as keep the battery in optimal temperature range without
using electrical energy from the battery. Posted. 

UN panel urges world at Rio to launch energy fixes. A
high-profile U.N. panel headed by the presidents of Finland and
South Africa hopes to spark an "ever-green" energy revolution
later this year in Brazil using a general roadmap it presented
Monday on how world leaders could wean the world off fossil
fuels. Its report links the world body's goals of reducing
poverty and inequality to promoting the use of wind, solar and
other renewable sources of energy to run the economies of nations
rich and poor.

AP Newsbreak


LIBERTY QUARRY: Appeal hearing today in Riverside. More than
1,000 people -- many riding buses from Temecula -- are expected
to gather this morning in the Riverside Convention Center for the
first of two Riverside County Board of Supervisors hearings on
the proposed Liberty Quarry. The five-member board will hear an
appeal of the county Planning Commission’s decision denying a
surface mining permit and related approvals for the quarry, which
is being sought for a 414-acre site just outside Temecula.


Contra Costa Times editorial: California air board's vision of
green cars requires huge new sources of electicity.  California
is taking a bold step toward transforming the automobile industry
with its highly ambitious new rules mandating a steady increase
in the sales of ultralow and zero-emission vehicles.  If all goes
according to the California Air Resources Board's plans, sales of
plug-in hybrid, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars will
rise from a tiny fraction of 1 percent today to 4 percent of
total state sales in 2018, to 15.4 percent in 2025. Posted. 

Another Global Warming Oops Moment, and it’s a dilly.  The Wall
Street Journal has a letter today signed by 16 noteworthy
scientists who wanted to go on the record about global warming.
What they had to say constitutes today’s Global Warming Oops
Moment, one of those delightful public displays that reveal the
emperor has no clothes.  We quote: “Speaking for many scientists
and engineers who have looked carefully and independently at the
science of climate, we have a message to any candidate for public
office: Posted. 

Will EPA stay course? The federal Environmental Protection
Agency, which has been longer on rules than protection,
discovered the Valley last week. EPA Regional Administrator Jered
Blumenfeld rolled through the Valley for a series of photo-op
stops to tout the agency's newfound interest in cleaning up some
of the nation's worst polluted air. "Four times more people die
in the San Joaquin Valley from air pollution than they do from
traffic fatalities," said Blumenfeld, who heads the EPA's San
Francisco office. Posted. 

CARB, Nichols Ignore Global COOLING.  In California, everything
is upside down.  On Friday, the California Air Resources Board
clicked its jackboots and ordered one in seven California cars to
be “ultra clean” by 2025. That means “battery electric, hydrogen
fuel cell and plug-in hybrid vehicles.”  It’s supposed to cut the
greenhouse gases that supposedly cause global warming.  CARB
Commissar Mary Nichols explained, “Today’s vote … represents a
new chapter for clean cars in California and in the nation as a
whole.” Posted. 

Remarkable Editorial Bias on Climate Science at the Wall Street
Journal.  The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has long been
understood to be not only antagonistic to the facts of climate
science, but hostile. But in a remarkable example of their
unabashed bias, on Friday they published an opinion piece that
not only repeats many of the flawed and misleading arguments
about climate science, but purports to be of special significance
because it was signed by 16 “scientists.” Posted. 


Europe Zeroes In on Shipping Emissions. New rules to limit
pollution from ships begin moving through the European Parliament
on Tuesday, with the specter of potential environmental
contamination from a stricken cruise ship lending momentum to the
debate. While the legislation aims to reduce emissions of harmful
gases and particles, environmental groups are also hoping to
build support for accelerating the use of cleaner-burning fuels.

It’s No Beijing, But Hong Kong Is Choking, Too. For the business,
political and media glitterati assembled in the rarefied Alpine
atmosphere of Davos, air pollution has probably not been terribly
high on the agenda. Not so in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and
other mainland Chinese cities: As my colleague Sharon LaFraniere
recently reported, China’s air pollution levels have started to
seriously worry — and anger — many of the country’s 1.3 billion
citizens. Posted. 

A Plea for Southern Treasures. The Southern Environmental Law
Center, a Virginia-based nonprofit legal advocacy group, has
released its 2012 list of the Top 10 endangered places in the
Southeast, environmentally speaking. While the list changes from
year to year, certain places like the Chesapeake Bay remain a top
concern — and issues like pollution from coal-fired power plants
and the protection of public lands and old-growth forests are
recurring themes. Posted. 

New USDA plant zones clearly show climate change.  Planting zones
are retreating north all over the country, but the United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA) won’t state the obvious: the
shift is a rock solid indicator of climate change.  On Wednesday,
the USDA released a new plant hardiness zone map, which contours
the nation according to average annual lowest winter
temperatures. Posted. 

Jerry Brown says cap-and-trade fees will fund high-speed rail.
Gov. Jerry Brown said in an interview airing in Los Angeles today
that California’s high-speed rail project will cost far less than
the state’s current estimate of nearly $100 billion and that
environmental fees paid by carbon producers will be a source of
funding. Posted.

California’s “Clean Car” Rules: A Historical Perspective.  Today,
California air regulators approved a package of “Clean Car”
standards that many are calling historic. But there’s nothing new
about that. California’s been out front in the clean car derby
for decades.  In her recent story on QUEST, Lauren Sommer unpacks
the proposed emissions standards. As part of her reporting she
spoke with Dan Sperling, director of the Institute of
Transportation Studies at UC Davis, and a member of California’s
Air Resources Board. Posted. 

ENERGY: Rebelling against SDG&E: Locals want alternative.
Frustrated by recent proposals from San Diego Gas & Electric Co.,
Lane Sharman and Bill Powers are fomenting a rebellion. The two
men are spearheading a foundation ---- and they hope a movement
---- to create a kind of communal utility managed by local
governments that would give locals an alternative to SDG&E.

Tesla Model X crossover teased, full reveal to be live on
Internet. Perhaps the biggest reveal of 2012 for fans of luxury
performance all-electric vehicles (or, perhaps, anyone
automotively-inclined with a pulse) is set for the 9th of
February when Tesla Motors pulls the shroud from its Model X
crossover at its new Los Angeles design studio. And now, we have
been given a strong hint of what to expect. Posted.

U.S. plug-in vehicle sales will jump fivefold this year to
100,000 units, report says. U.S. plug-in vehicle sales will
increase more than fivefold this year to 100,000 units, website
CleanFleetReport.com said, citing technology research firm
Gartner. Thilo Koslowski, vice president of Gartner's Automotive
and Vehicle Practice, confirmed the forecast, which factors in
issues such as a wider range of battery-electric models…Posted. 

California’s new ZEV rule introduces the BEVx; ARB staff expects
these vehicles to play a longer-term role than plug-in hybrids. 
On Friday 27 January, the California Air Resources Board (ARB)
adopted the new Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) package that sets out
the regulatory emissions and technology requirements for
light-duty automobiles through model year 2025. (Earlier post.)
The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulation—one of the three main
regulatory packages that constitute ACC—introduces a new
regulatory vehicle category…Posted. 

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