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arbcombo -- The ARB Refrigerant Management Programís new Refrigerant Registration and Reporting System is now online and ready for use.

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 16:35:52
The California Air Resources Board announces that the new
Refrigerant Registration and Reporting System (referred to as the
R3 tool) is now online and ready for use. The R3 tool has been
developed as part of implementing ARBís Refrigerant Management
Program (RMP) regulation to facilitate compliance with the
registration, reporting, and fee payment provisions of the

The link to access the R3 tool is: www.arb.ca.gov/rmp-r3.

By March 1, 2012 facilities with systems with a refrigerant
charge of 2,000 pounds or greater must register, report, and pay
the implementation fee to ARB.  Refrigerant distributors,
wholesalers, and reclaimers are also required to submit annual
reports by March 1, 2012. 

A video module to know more about the RMP program and a video
recording of the January 17, 2012 webcast R3 user training are
available on the program web site at: 


For additional information on the registration and reporting
requirements and other provisions of the Refrigerant Management
Program and links to the R3 tool User Manual, frequently asked
questions (FAQ), and the recorded training webinar, please visit
the program web page at: www.arb.ca.gov/stoprefrigerantleaks. 
Additional questions can be emailed to: reftrackinfo@arb.ca.gov,
or call (916) 324-2517.

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