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consprod -- 2010 Aerosol Coating and Aerosol Adhesive Products Survey - Preliminary Results

Posted: 02 Feb 2012 14:35:34
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted additional
results from the 2010 Aerosol Coating and Aerosol Adhesive
Products Survey. These can be found at the following address:  

Comments on the results are due by February 20, 2012.  

In September 2011, staff released preliminary data collected on
the various products in each category and a summary of reactive
organic compound (ROC) ingredients used.  To supplement this
information, staff is now releasing preliminary data on sales and

This information will serve as the basis for considering
amendments to the Aerosol Coatings and Consumer Products
Regulations to further reduce emissions. 

Summary: To quantify and evaluate emissions from these categories
ARB conducted a survey of aerosol coating and aerosol adhesive
products sold or supplied for use in California during the 2010
calendar year.  

New data from the survey reveal that approximately 30 tons of
ROCs were emitted daily from the 40 tons of aerosol coating
products sold per day.  Californiaís reported sales of
approximately 2 tons per day of aerosol adhesive products
resulted in approximately 1.3 tons ROC emissions per day.  

Background:  ARB is investigating the need for tighter controls
on emissions of ROCs from aerosol coating and aerosol adhesive
products. ROCs are a precursor to the formation of ozone, the
main constituent of smog.

ARBís Consumer Products Program, which includes Aerosol Coatings
and Aerosol Adhesives, is an important part of overall efforts to
reduce the amount of smog-forming emissions, toxic air
contaminants, and greenhouse gases emitted from the use of
chemically formulated consumer products.  ARBís consumer products
regulations have resulted in projected emission reductions of
nearly 50 percent since 1990, but more needs to be done to meet
health-based air quality standards.  

General information about the Consumer Products Program is
available at the following address: 

Questions or comments on the preliminary draft data summaries
should be directed to 
Mr. Jose Gomez at jgomez@arb.ca.gov or (916) 324-8033. 

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