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localaction -- Announcing a new Coolest City competition

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 15:47:48
Join the CoolCalifornia Challenge, California's first state-wide
carbon reduction competition!. 

The CoolCalifornia Challenge is a yearlong competition between
California cities to reduce the carbon footprints of residents
and to build more vibrant and sustainable communities. The
Challenge builds on insights from successful community-based
social marketing programs that motivate residents to take climate
action and strengthen communities through peer-to-peer capacity
building and leadership.

The program is designed to unite your city's sustainability
efforts under one cause, engage individuals across the community
and reward your city with prizes and awards. The program will be
run online through http://www.coolcalifornia.org. The 12 month
competition is set to begin on April 1st 2012 and the winner will
be crowned the Coolest California City. 

Applying for the program is simple. Interested cities are asked
submit a letter of support from a city manager or equivalent
stating the city's commitment to participate in the program.
We require a letter of commitment by February 29th, and the first
6 cities to apply will receive $1,000 in seed money for the

To learn more about the program please visit or website:
Contact us at challenge@coolcalifornia.org with questions or to
receive a draft of the program guide. 

Looking forward to receiving your application!

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