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schoolbus -- REMINDER OF MARCH 12TH DEADLINE FOR Statewide School Bus Retrofit Program

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 15:04:18
March 12th is the deadline to apply for the San Joaquin Valley
Air Pollution Control District's Statewide School Bus Retrofit

The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to
California school districts with early compliance of the Air
Resources Board’s (ARB or Board) Truck and Bus Regulation.  This
program will provide incentive funds to retrofit 1987 and newer
engine model year diesel-powered school buses with ARB-verified
Level 3 diesel emission control strategies (retrofits).  

Eligible applicants are public school districts, Joint Power
Authorities (JPA), and private transportation agencies that
provide student transportation services under contract to public
school districts.  Private schools are not eligible for funding. 

Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Monday, March 12,
2012.  The Request for Applications is available on the SJVAPCD’s
web site at: 

For additional information regarding the Statewide School Bus
Retrofit Program, please contact SJVAPCD staff at (559)

A Truck and Bus Regulation School Bus Provisions fact sheet is
available at:

For more information about the Truck and Bus Regulation, please
go to:  http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onrdiesel/onrdiesel.htm

On December 11, 2008, the Board approved the Truck and Bus
Regulation to control emissions from nearly all existing
diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks and buses operating in
California.  The regulation was subsequently amended by the Board
on December 17, 2010 and the amended regulation is now effective.

Diesel-fueled school buses with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
over 14,000 pounds are subject to the regulation.  By January 1,
2012, owners must have retired school buses manufactured before
April 1, 1977.  Remaining school buses must have retrofits (that
reduce diesel PM emissions by 85 percent) installed over a phase
in-period from January 1, 2012 to January 1, 2014.  A delayed
compliance date of January 1, 2018, is provided for school buses
that cannot be retrofitted (e.g., two-stroke engine buses and
some pre-1987 model year school buses).  By January 1, 2018,
these buses must be replaced if no retrofit is available, or
repowered with an engine on which a retrofit can be installed.

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