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arbcombo -- April 5 ARB Webinar to Describe the Process for Transitioning Early Action Offset Credits to ARB Offset Credits

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 14:15:07
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will provide a technical
webinar at the time noted below to discuss the details of the
early action offset process.  The webinar will describe the
process by which offset credits from Early Action Projects can be
transitioned to compliance instruments (ARB offset credits) in
the California Cap-and-Trade Program. 

DATE: April 5, 2012 

TIME: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

WEBINAR: Details to follow
The presentation will be posted before the webinar and a
recording of the webinar will be available after the webinar at:


The California Cap on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Market-Based
Compliance Mechanisms Regulation was adopted by the California
Air Resources Board in October of 2011, and formally went into
effect January 1, 2012. 

The Cap-and-Trade Regulation includes a process for accepting
offset credits from qualified existing offset projects into the
ARB compliance offsets program to help create an initial supply
of offset credits.  Early Action Projects and the GHG reductions
or GHG removal enhancements they achieve must meet strict
criteria to be recognized in the program.  The process for
transitioning offset credits generated under the following board
approved offset quantification methodologies to ARB offset
credits will be described:

•Climate Action Reserve U.S. Livestock Project Protocol versions
1.0 through 3.0;
•Climate Action Reserve Urban Forest Project Protocol versions
1.0 through 1.1;
•Climate Action Reserve U.S. Ozone Depleting Substances Project
Protocol version 1.0; and
•Climate Action Reserve Forest Project Protocol versions 2.1 and
3.0 through 3.2.


To request special accommodations or language needs, please
contact Carol Wysong at 916.322.0289 as soon as possible, but no
later than 10 business days before the scheduled webinar.
TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech users may dial 711 for the California
Relay Service. 

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