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arbcombo -- California Cap-and-Trade Program Opt-In Request Form and Guidance Now Available

Posted: 09 Apr 2012 08:07:37
California Air Resources Board (ARB) has released the
Cap-and-Trade Program guidance document for opt-in covered
entities and the accompanying Opt-In Request Form on the ARB

The guidance document discusses information regarding opting into
the program as well as suggested dates for submitting
documentation.  To download a copy of the Cap-and-Trade Program
opt-in guidance document, go to:

To download a copy of the Cap-and-Trade Program Opt-In Request
Form, go to:

An opt-in covered entity is an entity that voluntarily elects to
be covered under the Cap-and-Trade Program and surrender
allowances for each metric ton of greenhouse gas it emits. 
Opt-in covered entities may be eligible to receive free
allowances based on the same criteria as covered entities, and
can elect to opt out of the program at the end of a compliance
period if its greenhouse gas emissions remain under the inclusion

In order to become an opt-in covered entity, the entity must be
in one of the sectors covered under the Cap-and-Trade Program,
but must not already be required to comply with the regulation
because it emits less than 25,000 MTCO2e annually.  In order for
an entity to voluntarily participate in the Cap-and-Trade Program
as an opt-in covered entity, we request that you submit the
Opt-in Request Form, distributed through the link above, to the
Air Resources Boardís Executive Officer for approval by the dates
given in the guidance document for opt-in covered entities.  The
guidance document for opt-in covered entities outlines the
information ARB requests in order to opt in to the program.  

For more information, go to:
or contact David Allgood in ARBís Climate Change Program
Evaluation Branch at (916) 445-8238.

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