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ordiesel -- New Labeling Requirements for Off-Road Vehicles

Posted: 01 May 2012 15:40:48
This notice is a reminder of several new labeling requirements
for in-use off-road diesel vehicles. By January 1, 2013, BOTH
sides of all vehicles subject to the Off-Road Regulation must be
labeled with the equipment identification number (EIN). 
Additionally, the EIN labels on vehicles owned by captive
attainment area fleets must be changed to white on a green
background by January 1, 2013.  Because captive attainment area
fleets are potentially subject to lesser compliance requirements
than those fleets operating in surrounding areas, the labels on
vehicles owned by captive attainment area fleets must be changed
in order to differentiate them from other vehicles not eligible
for this provision.  Captive Attainment Area Fleets are fleets or
fleet portions in which all of the vehicles operate exclusively
within the following counties:  Alpine, Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn,
Humboldt, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Monterey, Plumas, San
Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Shasta,
Sierra, Siskiyou, Trinity, Tehama, Yuba, and the portion of
Sonoma County that lies within the boundaries of the North Coast
Air Basin.  Captive attainment area fleets are treated as small
fleets even if their total horsepower (hp) exceeds the small
fleet threshold of 2,500 hp.

Additional information regarding these new labeling requirements
is available in our regulatory advisory at

As a reminder, large fleets (those with affected vehicles
totaling over 5,000 horsepower and State/Federal fleets) were
required to submit information to comply with annual reporting
requirements by March 1, 2012.  To complete annual reporting,
each large fleet must submit a Responsible Official Affirmation
of Reporting (ROAR) and engine hour meter readings for vehicles
designated as low-use and/or agricultural (used most of the time,
but not exclusively, for agricultural purposes).  More
information regarding the annual reporting requirements is
available in our regulatory advisory at


The Air Resources Boardís (ARB) regulation for In-Use Off-Road
Diesel Vehicles became effective under California law on June 15,
2008.  This regulation is intended to reduce harmful emissions
from diesel powered construction and mining vehicles operating in
California.  Fleets were required to initially report their
off-road diesel vehicles to ARB in 2009 via the Diesel Off-road
On-line Reporting System (DOORS).  In addition, fleet owners are
subject to restrictions on unnecessary idling and will be subject
to accelerated replacement/repower requirements.  In December
2011, major amendments to the Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation,
which include delaying the first compliance date to no earlier
than January 1, 2014, became effective.

If you have any questions regarding off-road reporting, please
contact the DOORS hotline at (877) 59-DOORS (877-593-6677) or by
email at doors@arb.ca.gov.  For further information on ARBís
diesel vehicle and equipment regulations, please call the
ARB Diesel Hotline at 866-6DIESEL (866-634-3735).  For further
information about the off-road diesel vehicle regulation, please
visit the off-road regulation website at:

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