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harp -- HARP 1_4f is released

Posted: 10 May 2012 10:06:33
This mail is to notify you that HARP version 1_4f is now
available for download. from the HARP website

HARP 1.4f Change Details

1.	The Emission Inventory Module has been updated to reflect the
updates to the Emission Inventory Guidelines.  Specifically,
eight new pollutants as listed below were added to the pollutant
list.  In addition, code changes were made to handle the newly
added pollutants.  For more information about the updates to the
Emission Inventory Guidelines, please visit

Pollutant ID	Pollutant Name
11105	        PM - noncondensable
85105	        PM10 - noncondensable
88105	        PM25 - noncondensable
8982	        Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)
8983	        Perfluorocarbons
75183	        Dimethyl sulfide
78897	        Propylene chlorohydrin
57556	        Propylene glycol

Please note that the updated fraction table (see Item 2) does not
contain weight fractions for the new PM noncondensable category
and is currently in development.  The fraction table is used in
HARP to calculate the fractions that each compound is of the
total PM, PM10, and PM25, respectively.

2.	The CEIDARS Utility Tables (i.e., Category, EIC, Fraction,
Pollutant, and SCC) used to assist with data entry in the
Emission Inventory Module have been updated.  For more
information about the CEIDARS Utility Tables, please visit

Please note that the CEIDARS Utility Tables are contained in your
project database (e.g., c:HARP.mdb).  In order to use the
updated information, you will need to update the project
database.  Please see the upgrade instructions for details at

3.	The revised Reference Exposure Levels (RELs) for nickel and
nickel compounds were added to the HARP Health Database.  For
more information about the revised RELs, please visit the OEHHA
website at

Please note that 8-hour RELs are not currently being used by the
HARP software.  ARB anticipates on having a new version of HARP
that includes the 8-hour RELs, six months after the adoption of
the complete OEHHA Risk Assessment Guidelines.

HARP Contacts:

Steven Yee 
(916) 327-5635

YanPing Zuo
(916) 322-1617

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