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harborcraft -- Commercial Harbor Craft Initial Report Update

Posted: 31 May 2012 15:35:26
ARB staff has updated the Excel Initial Report form to include
the vessel categories of barge and dredge for vessel use.   

The updated Commercial Harbor Craft Initial Report form is
available on the following webpage:

The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) commercial harbor craft
regulation (CHC regulation) has required that owners and
operators of vessels that operate in Regulated California waters
submit a one-time initial report regarding their vessels since
February 28, 2009.  If you have already submitted an initial
report, you are not required to complete a new initial report. 
Vessel owners and operators are required to keep a copy of their
initial report and yearly records on the vessel or in a central
dockside location to be made available upon request by ARB staff.
 In addition, vessel owners and operators with in-use compliance
requirements must submit a report about how they plan to comply
with these requirements and, once they have complied, how
compliance was met. 

The CHC regulation was adopted in November 2007 and became
effective in January 2009.  Commercial harbor craft includes crew
and supply vessels, commercial fishing vessels, ferries,
excursion vessels, pilot boats, tow boats, tug boats, barges,
dredges, and work boats.  The Board approved amendments to the
CHC regulation in June 2010 which added in-use engine
requirements for crew and supply, barge, and dredge vessel
engines.  The CHC regulation requires existing Tier 1 and earlier
auxiliary and propulsion engines on in-use ferries, excursion
vessels, tugboats, towboats, crew and supply vessels, barges, and
dredges to meet United States Environmental Protection Agency
Tier 2 or Tier 3 marine engine standards in effect at the time
compliance is required.  This regulation is part of ARBís ongoing
effort to reduce diesel particulate matter in communities located
near ports.  Additional information on the regulation is
available at the following link:

If you have any questions regarding the commercial harbor craft
initial report or compliance with the commercial harbor craft
regulation, please contact Todd Sterling at 916-445-1034 or via
e-mail at tsterlin@arb.ca.gov.

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