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arbcombo -- Public Meeting to Introduce the Voluntary Acceleratied Vehicle Retirement (VAVR) Task Force and to Provide Information about VAVR Program

Posted: 13 Aug 2007 09:00:26
The Air Resources Board (ARB or the Board) in cooperation with
the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) will conduct the first
meeting of the VAVR task force at the time and place noted below
to present and discuss information about VAVR programs around the
State.  The ARB, BAR, and local air district staff will present
summaries of the various vehicle scrappage programs and a
description of how emission reductions are generated for the
State Implementation Plan.

The task force was organized to share and discuss technical
information about existing and proposed VAVR programs.  The
intent of the task force is to assist the members in their
efforts to develop robust and transparent vehicle scrappage

The first public meeting will be held at the following time and

DATE:	August 27, 2007
TIME:	1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
TOPIC:	Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Task Force
PLACE:	Cal/EPA Headquarters Building
Coastal Hearing Room, 2nd Floor
1001 I Street
Sacramento, California 95814

A meeting agenda is shown below.  For those unable to attend in
person, the meeting will also be webcast. The broadcast can be
accessed on the day of the meeting at
http://www.arb.ca.gov/app/calendar/cal_wbcst.php. Information on
submitting questions or comments will be provided during the
webcast for remote participants.

If you have a disability-related accommodation need, please go
to http://www.arb.ca.gov/html/ada/ada.htm for assistance or
contact the ADA Coordinator at (916) 323-4916.  If you are a
person who needs assistance in a language other than English,
please go to http://www.arb.ca.gov/as/eeo/languageaccess.htm or
contact the Bilingual Coordinator at (916) 323-7053.  We welcome
your participation.  

If you have questions regarding the meeting, please contact Mr.
John Kato, Manager, at (916) 322-2891 or by email at
jkato@arb.ca.gov or Mr. Tom Roemer, Air Pollution Specialist, at
(916) 322-1520 or troemer@arb.ca.gov.



Robert H. Cross, Chief
Mobile Source Control Division

cc:	Mr. John Kato, Manager
	Carl Moyer Innovative Strategies Section

	Mr. Tom Roemer
	Air Pollution Specialist
	Carl Moyer Off-Road Section



General Business

Task Force Description
Reason for the Task Force
Mission Statement, Goals, and Limitations

VAVR Background Presentations
	VAVR Regulation Overview
	BARís Consumer Assistance Program
Traditional Program
	RSD-Based Program
	Santa Barbara Program
	Proposed Program Ė San Joaquin Valley
	Emission Estimations and the SIP

	Best Practices, Challenges, and Data Gaps
	What Else is Needed?

Next Steps

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