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arbcombo -- Upcoming Diesel Regulations and Retrofit Training Events

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 14:26:45
The California Air Resources Board has scheduled the following
training courses for diesel owners, operators, maintenance
personnel, and fleet managers.

Course 511 - Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment Devices.  This course
discusses diesel particulate matter and their health
effects; diesel engine PM and NOx production and control
strategies; DPF theory, types, regeneration, and application; as
well as regulations requiring particulate filters. 

July 11, Fontana 

Course 514 - Tractor-Trailer GHG & Truck and Bus Regulations.
This course covers 1)the Tractor‐Trailer GHG Reduction
Regulation general requirements, optional phase‐in
schedules, and how to report; and 2) the Truck and Bus Regulation
general requirements and “what do I do after the reporting

July 17, Fontana (5:30-8:30 pm)

July 18, El Monte

July 25, Sacramento (on-site and webinar)

August 1, Redding

August 2, Marysville

****In addition to the courses listed above ARB’s authorized
contractor, CleanFleets.net is conducting 514 courses as
July 11, Chico
July 18, Mammoth Lakes
July 19, Bishop
July 24, Modesto, Merced 
July 25, Fresno, Delano
July 26, Bakersfield, Paso Robles

These courses are free. The schedule of classes can
be found at their website at http://www.cleanfleets.net or call
(916) 739-1139.

ARB is also providing training on public and private fleet
requirements at the following: 

July 12, Irwindale
(There is a fee for this event)

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To see a list of all courses available please visit

For registration information please visit

**We make every effort to adhere to our proposed training
schedule, but situations can occur that make changes necessary.
If you are enrolled in a course and we find it necessary to make
changes in date or location, you will be notified by us.

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