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arbcombo -- Upcoming Diesel Regulations and Retrofit Training Events - New Classes Added

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:59:46
The California Air Resources Board has scheduled the following
free training courses for diesel owners, operators, dealers,
maintenance personnel, and fleet managers.  

Course 511 - Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment Devices
This course discusses diesel emissions and health effects; diesel
engine PM and NOx production and control strategies; DPF theory,
types, regeneration, and application.
August 14, San Leandro
August 21, Corona
August 22, San Diego
September 12, Riverside

Course 512 – Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview
This course will give an overview of a variety of ARB’s diesel
vehicle and equipment regulations affecting on-road commercial
trucks and busses, 53’ or longer box type trailers,
transportation refrigeration units (TRU), drayage trucks used at
ports, construction, mining, and other off-road equipment.
September 13, Riverside

Course 514 - Tractor-Trailer GHG & Truck and Bus Regulations
This course covers 1) the Tractor-Trailer GHG Reduction
Regulation general requirements, optional phase-in schedules, and
how to report; and 2) the Truck and Bus Regulation general
requirements and “what do I do after the reporting deadline?”
August 14, San Marcos
August 15, San Diego
August 15, San Leandro
August 23, Sacramento (Webinar)

****In addition to the courses listed above ARB’s authorized
contractor CleanFleets.net is conducting 514 courses as follows:
August 14, Commerce
August 15, Diamond Bar
August 16, Camarillo
August 17, Santa Clarita

These courses are free. The schedule of classes can be found on
their website at http://www.cleanfleets.net.

To see a list of all ARB training courses available please visit
For registration information please visit

**We make every effort to adhere to our proposed training
schedule, but situations can occur that make changes necessary.
If you are enrolled in a course and we find it necessary to make
changes in date or location, you will be notified by us.

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