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arbcombo -- Global Launch of ARB Air Quality Training Program

Posted: 23 Aug 2012 11:30:32
Course #102: Air Quality Training Program (AQTP) - Online

The Compliance Training Section of the Enforcement Division,
California Air Resources Board is proud to announce the
introduction of a new on-line training course.  The Air Quality
Training Program (AQTP) on-line course is a web based interactive
course that consists of ten modules.  The course is intended to
be a prerequisite for the Uniform Air Quality Training Program
(UAQTP) class and Course #299: Theory & Application of Air
Pollution Control Devices , which is offered by the ARB as an
introduction for new air quality control professionals to the
many and varied facets of air quality regulation.  

Each module of the AQTP can be viewed at the studentís
convenience and their progress is recorded so that they can
return to the same point in the module if they are interrupted. 
Each module has a review quiz at the end and the score on each
quiz is recorded.  When the student completes all ten modules,
the quiz scores are totalized and the student receives a
certificate.  The ten modules include:

Module 1: The History of Air Pollution
Module 2: Defining Air Pollution
Module 3: The Role of Government
Module 4: The Science of Air Pollution
Module 5: Criteria Air Pollutants
Module 6: Toxic Air Contaminants
Module 7: PM Controls
Module 8: VOC Controls
Module 9: NOx Controls
Module 10: Greenhouse Gases

We believe that these 10 modules, along with the UAQTP class and
course 299, will provide new and seasoned air pollution control
professionals with a solid foundation on which to build their
careers.  After a student has completed the on-line class they
will continue to have access to these modules making them an
excellent reference document. The course is challenging,
credible, resourceful and interactive.

If you are interested in having members of your staff attend this
course, please have them use the links provided below to enroll. 

Registration Step-by-Step: 

Registration Link:

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