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carpa -- Online Seminar Announcement: Chemical Suicides - Friday Oct 5th

Posted: 28 Sep 2012 09:23:53
The Interstate Chemical Threats Workgroup (ICTW) has extended an
invitation to their upcoming online seminar about chemical
suicides. ICTW will be hosting a webinar to explore chemical
suicides. Please join them to hear about the case numbers, the
science behind the chemicals used, specific incidents and
preparedness protocols for safe response. Attendees are invited
to share experiences and resources during the webinar. No
preregistration required.

More information can be found at


The California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA) was formed
in 2006 by the California Air Resources Board, the US
Environmental Protection Agency, and the Governor's Office of
Emergency Services. CARPA's mission is to provide actionable
incident response information to protect public health and the
environment from the impacts of accident or deliberate releases
of hazardous compounds into the air.

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