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tru -- ARB approves Huss DPF installation on bobtail TRUs

Posted: 28 Sep 2012 09:38:13
The California Air Resources Board has approved Huss LLC’s “kit”
for installing their MK-35 and MK-50 diesel particulate filters
(DPF) on bobtail transport refrigeration units (TRU). 

Huss MK series DPFs use active regeneration to burn off the
collected diesel soot.  This allows the filter to be mounted away
from the engine, when necessary.  Since there is not enough space
in the TRU housing to mount the Huss DPF, a frame-rail mount,
under the refrigerated van, was evaluated and approved.  This
mounting configuration meets all of the conditions in ARB’s
verification Executive Order for MK-35 and MK-50 DPFs. 
Temperatures around the DPF, exhaust tubing, and the integrity of
the installation have been monitored and approved.  The Huss
MK-35 and MK-50 DPFs reduce diesel PM emissions by greater than
85 percent (verified to meet Level 3), which means they can be
used as an Ultra-Low-Emission TRU (ULETRU) in-use performance
standard compliance option for bobtail TRUs.

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