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onrdiesel -- Cleaire LongMile Particulate Matter Filter Recall

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 14:15:30
The Air Resources Board (ARB) has issued a regulatory mail out
advisory that addresses compliance for owners affected by the
voluntary recall of the LongMile diesel particulate matter (PM)
filter system.   Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, Inc.
(Cleaire) is voluntarily recalling its LongMile diesel
particulate matter (PM) filter system free of charge to affected
owners.  Cleaire is either replacing the LongMile’s existing
metal filter with a certified silicon carbide core or a certified
catalytic Cleaire Muffler Module (CMM) over a prescribed recall
schedule, or removing the entire system from the vehicle. 
Cleaire is directly contacting affected vehicle owners to
coordinate the replacement of the LongMile system or its
components and will renew the warranty once the modifications are
made.  Please be sure to contact your Cleaire representative to
coordinate making the modifications. 
As a condition of the terms of the recall, Cleaire will provide
affected fleets appropriate documentation identifying the vehicle
as subject to the LongMile recall.  The ARB is allowing for the
continued operation of affected vehicles that are impacted by the
LongMile recall so long as appropriate documentation, as provided
by Cleaire, is carried with the affected vehicle at all times. 
Additionally, this recall will not impact or otherwise affect the
ability of fleets to retain early compliance credits that may
have been accrued with the installation of the original LongMile
system.  For more information about this notice please go to: 

For other information about diesel vehicle regulations, or
training programs, please contact an ARB diesel representative at
866-6DIESEL (866-634-3735) or visit the Truck Stop website at

ARB has adopted a number of regulations that require diesel
engine owners to take steps to reduce their engine emissions. 
Nearly all trucks and buses with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle
weight rating greater than 14,000 pounds that operate in
California are required to be upgraded to reduce exhaust
emissions between now and 2023.  To comply with these
requirements, fleet owners can upgrade exiting engines by
installing verified diesel PM filters, or by upgrading to cleaner
engines or vehicles.  These regulations are part of the State’s
plan to meet federal ambient air quality standards and to protect
public health.

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