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newsrel -- Birchwood Laboratories pays $500,000 settlement for violating air quality rules

Posted: 02 Nov 2012 15:06:27
Minnesota-based company’s General Purpose Degreaser exceeds
California’s limits for smog-causing pollutants. 

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Contact: Antonio Leaks

SACRAMENTO – The Air Resources Board announced today that
Birchwood Laboratories, a North American distributor of gun care
products, agreed to pay $500,000 for violating consumer product
rules that protect air quality.

Birchwood sold Casey Gun Scrubber Solvent/ Degreaser in
California. The product exceeded the state’s limits for chemicals
known as volatile organic compounds which contribute to the
formation of smog. The product also contained trichloroethylene,
a toxic air contaminant that is strictly prohibited from use in
‘General Purpose Degreasers’.

“ARB is vigilant about ensuring that products sold to consumers
in California meet the standards for smog-causing chemicals,”
said ARB Enforcement Chief Jim Ryden. “It is equally important
that the General Purpose Degreasers do not contain toxic

The settlement of $500,000 will be paid in four installments of
$125,000 directly to the California Air Pollution Control Fund as
civil penalties. The first installment was paid in August with
future payments due on or before the anniversary of the

As part of the settlement, Birchwood also agreed that it would
not sell, supply, offer for sale, or manufacture for sale in
California any consumer product in violation of California’s
standards for consumer products as part of an effort to reduce
air pollution and smog.

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