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shorepower -- Revised Draft Regulation for Shore Power

Posted: 20 Aug 2007 16:49:48
Please note that significant changes have been made to the draft regulation since the last workgroup meeting on July 12.

A revised draft of the proposed at-berth vessel regulation has
been posted to ARB's Shore Power website.  The draft language
will be discussed at the next Shore Power Workgroup meeting on
August 28, 2007 in Sacramento. The major revisions include:

    * Staff is proposing to bifurcate the regulation and defer
requirements for ship categories that are not attractive
cold-ironing candidates (bulk ships, tankers, and vehicle
carriers).  Proposed regulatory requirements for these ships are
expected to be presented to the Board in late 2008.

    * The proposed language would now require operators of
container ships and passenger ships to shut off auxiliary
engines for 50 percent of their annual visits to a terminal by
2014 and for 80 percent of their annual visits to a terminal by
2020. Operators of refrigerated cargo ships would be required to
shut off auxiliary engines on ships that meet minimum-visit
criteria by 2014 and 2020. As an alternative to shutting off
engines, affected ship operators will have the option to reduce
their fleet emissions at a terminal by 50 percent by 2014 and by
80 percent by 2020.

    * Terminal operators will be required to provide the
electrical infrastructure for ships meeting the 2014 and 2020
shore power requirements or provide alternative control
technologies for ship operators choosing the fleet emission
reduction option.

Other less significant changes have also been made to the
revised regulation including changes to the reporting and record
keeping requirements as well as editorial and clarification

In addition to posting the revised draft regulation, staff also
posted a revised agenda for the workgroup meeting to reflect a
change in order of the items to be discussed.

To obtain a copy of the revised regulatory language and revised
agenda, please go to 

Thank you.

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