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ghg-rep -- GHG Mandatory Reporting Regulation Final Rulemaking Package Filed with OAL

Posted: 27 Nov 2012 11:02:43
Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has filed the Final Rulemaking
Package for Amendments to the Regulation for the Mandatory
Reporting of GHG Emissions with the Office of Administrative Law
(OAL).  Conforming Amendments to the Definition Sections of the
AB 32 Cost of Implementation Fee Regulation and the Cap-and-Trade
Regulation are also included in the rulemaking package.

The rulemaking package includes the Final Statement of Reasons,
which includes formal comments received during the rulemaking and
responses by ARB staff. All required documents related to the
rulemaking are available here:

The Final Rulemaking Package was filed with OAL on November 2,
2012 for review. OAL has until December 19, 2012 to make a
determination.  If approved by OAL, the amended regulation is
anticipated to become effective on January 1, 2013.

During early 2013, staff will provide guidance regarding the
implementation of the amended reporting requirements. For
questions, please contact Dave Edwards at dedwards@arb.ca.gov or
the GHG reporting help email at ghgreport@arb.ca.gov. 

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