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newsrel -- Champion Brands pays $50,755 penalty for consumer product air quality violations

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 15:22:10
Champion Brands pays $50,755 penalty for consumer product air
quality violations. 

Release #:12-59

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Antonio Leaks


Champion Brands pays $50,755 penalty for consumer product air
quality violations

SACRAMENTO – The Air Resources Board announced that Champion
Brands, a Missouri based supplier of specialty lubricants and
consumer products for the automotive, racing, heavy truck,
agricultural, industrial, and specialty markets has been
penalized $50,755 for selling consumer products that do not
comply with state air quality standards.

An investigation revealed that Champion Brands supplied Champion
Chain Lube Multi- Purpose Spray Grease, a consumer product that
exceeded California’s limits for smog-causing pollutants, known
as ‘volatile organic compounds.’ Some volatile organic compounds
are known to cause cancer. The company also disclosed to ARB that
an additional product, Champion Lube Spray Grease, also exceeded
California’s limits for Multi- Purpose Lubricants.

“We need to address every major source of pollution that
contributes to smog formation,” said ARB Enforcement Chief Jim
Ryden. “Companies must do their part to protect public health by
complying with California law and limiting the amount of volatile
organic compounds in the products they manufacture, and sell to

The settlement of $50,755 will be paid in four installments
directly to the California Air Pollution Control Fund as civil
penalties. On June 22, an initial payment of $12,688.75 was
received following the signing of the settlement agreement. Three
additional payments will be made prior to December 31, 2012. 

Champion Brands agreed that it would not sell, supply, offer for
sale, or manufacture for sale in California any consumer product
in violation of California’s air quality standards. Both products
have since been reformulated to meet California’s regulations for
multi- purpose lubricants.

For more information on California’s consumer product regulation,
please visit: http://www.arb.ca.gov/enf/consprod.htm 

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