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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for December 14, 2012.

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 13:02:48
ARB Newsclips for December 14, 2012. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Tighter Soot Standard on Way. The Obama administration is
expected to tighten national standards for soot pollution, paving
the way for rules that could force industry to further limit
emissions from smokestacks and tailpipes. Responding to a
federal-court ruling, the Environmental Protection Agency will
set the health standard for fine-particulate matter, or soot, to
a new level of 12 micrograms per cubic meter, several
environmental groups say. The previous standard of 15 micrograms
per cubic meter was unchanged since George W. Bush's
administration. Posted.

http://www.eenews.net/Greenwire/print/2012/12/14/1  BY


California planning low-carbon oasis where cars aren't king.
Vacant industrial land near salt marshes and a derelict rail
bridge seem like an odd setting for the beginnings of a lifestyle
revolution in scenic California, but planners in the San
Francisco Bay suburb of Newark view it as just that. With an eye
on the state's new land-use laws to cut carbon output, Newark's
city council just voted to convert 200 acres owned largely by
chemical companies into a development that should set the trend
for a state bent on decarbonizing its economy, the world's ninth
largest. Posted.

Human link to climate change stronger than ever - draft report.
International climate scientists are more certain than ever that
humans are responsible for global warming, rising sea levels and
extreme weather events, according to a leaked draft report by an
influential panel of experts. The early draft, which is still
subject to change before a final version is released in late
2013, showed that a rise in global average temperatures since
pre-industrial times was set to exceed 2 degrees Celsius by 2100,
and may reach 4.8 Celsius. Posted.

California Carbon Rises to Eight-Week High After Quebec Votes.
California carbon futures rose to the highest price in almost two
months after Quebec approved changes to allow links between their
cap-and-trade systems. Carbon markets in Quebec and California
will be connected next spring, and their governments will hold
the first joint auction of carbon allowances in August,
Yves-François Blanchet, Quebec’s minister of sustainable
development, environment, wildlife and parks, said in a statement
on his agency’s website. Posted.

Climate change taken seriously by insurance industry, study says.
Paying out billions of dollars here and billions of dollars there
has made the global insurance industry a believer in climate
change, according to a new study that shows insurance companies
are staunch advocates for reducing carbon emissions and
minimizing the risk posed by increasingly severe weather events.
“Climate change stands as a stress test for insurance, the
world’s largest industry with U.S. $4.6 trillion in

California king tides used as climate change lesson.
Environmental advocates in Northern California plan to take
photographs of some of the highest tides of the year to draw
attention to what climate change could do decades from now. The
so-called king tides are expected to peak during the next several
days, with surges over 9 feet in some areas. The phenomenon is
caused by a unique alignment of the sun, moon and earth. The
tides already produced some minor flooding in low-lying areas.

Even skeptics now warming to climate change, says new poll.
Global warming skeptics - those who don't trust scientists - are
increasingly believers in climate change, says an AP-Gfk poll.
Among skeptics, 61 percent now say temperatures have been rising
over the past 100 years. That's up from 47 percent in 2009.
Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans now think temperatures are rising and
that global warming will be a serious problem for the United
States if nothing is done about it…Posted.

Quebec poised to link with Calif. greenhouse gas market.
California appears set to have at least one partner in its
economywide greenhouse gas market next year with the province of
Quebec completing regulations yesterday to set up a trading
system. The regulations authorize a trading system starting Jan.
1. Quebec's system will have quarterly auctions starting at $10
per ton and increasing by 5 percent annually plus the rate of
inflation, as California's system does. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2012/12/14/9  BY

Phony carbon emission credits join long list of hard-sell
investment scams. The lure of carbon credits, tradeable permits
allowing smokestack industries and other industrial projects to
emit carbon dioxide, is being used in boiler room operations that
fraud artists organize to separate the unwary from their savings.
While the multibillion-dollar annual trade in carbon emission
permits issued by the European Union and the United Nations to
curb global carbon emissions is now a well-established and legal
business, the credits being offered by fraudsters are rarely more
than hot air. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2012/12/14/5  BY


With U.S. awash in natural gas, why aren’t fuel bills falling? 
Here’s a question a lot of homeowners are asking: If there is so
much cheap natural gas floating around the United States, why
aren’t people’s fuel bills falling?  The answer is that fuel is
only part of the fuel bill. A lot of what homeowners pay goes to
building new power lines or tending to aging gas pipelines. In
one recent rate case, a utility got a rate increase to cover
pension costs.  Posted. 


Electric Cars: More Models, Cheaper Prices Coming in 2013.  The
electric car has already gone through so much—from being pumped
up as a game changer to all but being declared a flop—that it’s
easy to forget the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf have only been
widely available to the public since 2011.  Even as sales for
these two plug-in pioneers have fallen well short of projections,
automakers aren’t giving up on electric cars. Posted. 


High Speed Rail Authority meeting today in Merced. The High Speed
Rail Authority will hold a public meeting this today to address
the concerns of property owners.  The meeting is scheduled from 4
to 7 p.m. at the Merced College, Business Resource Center located
at 630 W 19th St.  The proposed high-speed rail station and
tracks will likely displace dozens of businesses and home owners
in the city of Merced.  Posted. 


Capitola City Council bans plastic bags, 25 cent charge for paper
bags. The City Council unanimously approved a ban on plastic bags
and a 25 cent fee on paper bags on a 3-2 vote Thursday night.
Mayor Stephanie Harlan said she preferred to set the paper bag
charge at 10 cents, but after council members Dennis Norton and
Ed Bottorff voted for the 25-cent fee, she cast the third yes
vote. The county instituted a 10-cent charge that will go up to
25 cents in March. Posted.

Philippines green-lights electric tricycles. The Philippines will
roll out 100,000 electric tricycles, or e-trikes, in an effort to
replace the estimated 3.5 million gas-powered motorcycles and
tricycles already in use in the country. "It will not stop at
e-trike. It will expand horizontally to other transports like
buses ... and once that happens, nationwide, the country's
consumption of oil will come down," said Asian Development Bank
energy specialist Sohail Hasnie. A launch date has not been set
for the $500 million project. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2012/12/14/12  BY


Editorial: McCarthy's bid to kill high-speed rail is baffling. 
No place in California stands to reap the rewards of high-speed
rail more than the San Joaquin Valley.  That is why the
opposition of U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy,
R-Bakersfield, and Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, is so puzzling.
At a one-sided House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
hearing last Thursday – where the California High-Speed Rail
Authority was not invited to testify – the two made it clear they
want to kill future federal funding for high-speed rail in
California.  Posted. 


Climate Change Poll Reveals Nearly 4 In 5 Americans Acknowledge
Rising Temperatures.  Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans now think
temperatures are rising and that global warming will be a serious
problem for the United States if nothing is done about it, a new
Associated Press-GfK poll finds.  Belief and worry about climate
change are inching up among Americans in general, but concern is
growing faster among people who don't often trust scientists on
the environment. Posted. 

Doctors Urge U.S. to Block Gas Export Terminals.  More than 100
physicians urged the Obama administration on Thursday not to
approve the construction of liquefied natural gas export
terminals until more is known about the health effects of
hydraulic fracturing, the drilling process that has opened the
way for a big increase in domestic gas production.  A group
called Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy,
which conducts research into unconventional natural gas

German automakers renew push for clean-diesel sales in US. 
Germany's largest automakers are renewing their pitch for their
clean-diesel vehicles in the US as a way for consumers to combat
high gas prices without having to resort to the (often) even
pricier hybrid and plug-in hybrid options.  Audi, BMW,
Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen, along with
auto-component supplier Bosch, have joined together in a campaign
titled: "Clean Diesel. Clearly Better." Posted. 

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