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newsrel -- Alberto Ayala chosen as California Air Resources Board Deputy Executive Officer

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 14:17:54
ARB Executive Officer appoints Dr. Alberto Ayala to replace Tom
Cackette, who is retiring at the end of the year 

Contact: Dave Clegern
Phone: 916-322-2990
E-mail: dclegern@arb.ca.gov

SACRAMENTO – James N. Goldstene, ARB's Executive Officer, has
announced that Dr. Alberto Ayala has been selected as a Deputy
Executive Officer.  As Deputy, Alberto will be responsible for
the Mobile Source Operations Division, the Monitoring and
Laboratory Division, and Mobile Source Control Division. He will
replace Tom Cackette, who is retiring at the end of the year.
“Alberto is a perfect fit for this demanding position,” said
Goldstene. “He brings an exceptionally strong background in
academic research and publications and has played a leadership
role in ARB's world-renowned programs that have advanced
automotive emissions control technology.”
Dr. Ayala has more than two decades of managerial experience in
the development and implementation of air quality monitoring and
air pollution control measures, including a wide range of
vehicle-related regulations. Most recently, Dr. Ayala was the
Chief of the Monitoring and Laboratory Division where he was
responsible for ambient air quality and GHG monitoring,
measurement methods development, analysis of motor vehicle
exhaust, and management of the vapor recovery program and ARB’s
air emergency response efforts.  He has also developed
evaporative control regulations for several types of off-road
equipment.  In previous roles he conducted cutting-edge
evaluations of heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engines, managed
the Carl Moyer incentive program and developed a control program
for motor vehicle air conditioning replacement refrigerants.
Dr. Ayala received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UC
Davis, is an Adjunct Professor at West Virginia University, has
published extensively, and is an active member of industry
organizations such SAE International and the Coordinating
Research Council.  
Dr. Ayala’s background and experience will allow him to carry on
the tradition of excellence and commitment to regulatory
integrity established by Tom Cackette in his 30 years with ARB. 

Dr. Ayala will oversee the implementation of several statewide
programs to address diesel truck, and car and light truck
emissions including the statewide truck and bus regulation and
the Advanced Clean Cars package of regulations that includes the
zero-emission vehicle mandate.

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