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newsrel -- Consumer Products companies pay for air quality violations

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 09:55:32
Settlement of 38 cases generates $796,200 for pollution control.

CONTACT: Antonio Leaks

SACRAMENTO – The Air Resources Board announced that since May, it
has settled 38 cases involving air quality violations primarily
by companies manufacturing or selling consumer products for
exceeding California’s limits for volatile organic compounds. 
The products ranged from footwear and leather care to air
freshener liquids and general purpose degreasers.  These
settlements mitigated over 26 tons of excess emissions of VOCs.

The amount collected went to the California Air Pollution Control
Fund to support air quality projects and research to improve
California’s air quality.

“These products are found in almost every household. That’s why
it’s important for companies who produce them to ensure they meet
California’s air quality regulations and limit the level of
pollution these products generate.” said ARB Enforcement Chief
James Ryden. 

The fines totaled $796,200. The five companies paying the highest
amounts were:
• Rite Aid - $410,000
• Delta Brands (2 cases) - $77,000
• AutoZone - $60,000
• Domistyle - $36,000
• Innovative Brands - $23,000

The 32 other companies with fines totaling $190,200 were: Geiss,
Destin & Dunn; IDQ; Pomeroy; M&F Western; Sophia’s International;
Genlabs; Briggs and Stratton; BKB Automotive; Lundmark Wax;
Giftcraft; Dipyque; Gerson; Aromatiques; Home Depot; Personal
Care Products; Silkolene; Lifetime Brands; Certol International;
Full Spektrem; Cortex; Homax; Demeter; Attwood; Heads-up
Industries; Handstands; Household Essentials; Aervoe; Cost Plus;
Premier Brands; Sherwin Williams; and Mavala/Lela Distributors.

Volatile organic compounds are gases released from solids and
liquids, contributing to ozone formation once released into the
air. Ozone, an element of smog, causes respiratory health effects
including: an irritation of the lungs; shortness of breath;
coughing; and aggravation of asthma and other lung diseases.

Volatile organic compounds can be found in a number of products
such as paints, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, cleansers and
disinfectants, air fresheners, stored fuels and automotive
products, and more.

For more information on ARB’s consumer products regulations, see:

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