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newsrel -- Hair styling and hair spray manufacturers fined for violating air quality rules

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 14:37:07
Settlement of 25 cases generates $457,000 for pollution control.

CONTACT: Antonio Leaks

SACRAMENTO – The Air Resources Board announced that over the past
seven months it has settled 25 air quality violation cases
involving hairstyling and hairspray products, primarily for
exceeding California’s limits for smog-causing pollutants known
as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  These settlements
mitigated over 36 tons of excess emissions of VOCs.
“When millions of consumers statewide use products that do not
comply with California’s standards, they unknowingly release
significant quantities of smog-forming chemicals into the
atmosphere,” said ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden. “Hairspray
and hair styling products are widely used products that must be
regulated in order to protect public health.”

The fines went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund to
support air quality projects and research to improve California’s
air quality.

The fines totaled $457,197. The five companies paying the highest
amounts were:
• JPM (2 cases) - $218, 500
• Brentwood Beauty- $42,800
• Ion Products - $30,000
• Hoyu- Samy - $27,000
• Beautopia/Brocato -  $26,500

The 17 other companies that were fined a total of $112,397 are:
Henkal- Schwarskopf; TJ Maxx; Henry Margu; Vogue Int; TIGI Linea;
Dave X Labs; SOMA/Wahl; Procter & Gamble – Farkkai; Suyen; T3
Micro; Lotta Luv; Neoteric Cosmetics; Supervalu- Albertsons (2
cases); ET Browne; Cortex; Fine Hair; Demert (2 cases).

Volatile organic compounds are gases released from solids and
liquids, contributing to ozone formation once released into the
air. Ozone, an element of smog, causes respiratory health effects
including: an irritation of the lungs; shortness of breath;
coughing; and aggravation of asthma and other lung diseases. 

For more information on ARB’s consumer products regulations, see:

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