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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for January 16, 2013.

Posted: 16 Jan 2013 14:07:11
ARB Newsclips for January 16, 2013. ARB Newsclips for January 16,

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Wednesday declared 'Spare the Air' day. Wednesday’s predicted
cold temperatures and lack of wind prompted Bay Area air quality
officials to declare it a “Spare the Air” day, banning wood or
solid fuel fires. It is the fourth Spare the Air day since Jan.
1. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District designates such
days as a way to reduce air pollution. The 24-hour fire ban
encompasses the greater Bay Area, including south of Windsor in
Sonoma County. The ban was imposed due to ongoing stagnant
weather conditions, which can trap air pollution close to the
ground. Posted.

Fight over power plants has parallels to fuel-economy push in
Obama's first term. When he entered the Oval Office four years
ago, President Obama gave environmentalists something they had
long sought: a presidential commitment to much stronger fuel
economy standards. The same advocates now hope Obama's second
term will bring a similar fervor for reining in carbon dioxide
emissions from the nation's current fleet of power plants, which
contribute 40 percent of America's carbon output. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/Greenwire/2013/01/16/3 BY SUBSCRIPTION


2012 was among the 10 hottest years on record globally. The
average global temperature in 2012 was among the 10 hottest since
official record keeping began in 1880, with most of the world —
from North America to far northeastern Asia — experiencing
higher-than-usual temperatures, according to related reports
issued Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration and the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration. Last year’s average global temperature was about
58.3 degrees Fahrenheit…Posted.


Calif., Australia discuss linking emissions trading in the
future. California and Australia have both thrown their weight
behind carbon trading, but a joint collaboration will be some
time off, regulators said at a forum put on yesterday by the two
governments. Linking greenhouse gas markets could lower costs for
businesses that have to reduce their emissions, as well as gather
momentum for wider acceptance of a cost on carbon, participants
said. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2013/01/16/8  BY


Burning Fuel Particles Do More Damage to Climate Than Thought,
Study Says. The tiny black particles released into the atmosphere
by burning fuels are far more powerful agents of global warming
than had previously been estimated, some of the world’s most
prominent atmospheric scientists reported in a study issued on
Tuesday. These particles, which are known as black carbon and are
the major component of soot, are the second most important
contributor to global warming…Posted.

EPA changed course after gas company protested. When a man in a
Fort Worth suburb reported his family's drinking water had begun
bubbling like champagne, the federal government sounded an alarm:
A company may have tainted their wells while drilling for natural
gas. At first, the Environmental Protection Agency believed the
situation was so serious that it issued a rare emergency order in
late 2010 that said at least two homeowners were in immediate
danger from a well saturated with flammable methane. Posted.


Militants occupy BP gas complex in Algeria.  Islamist militants
attacked and occupied on Wednesday a natural gas field partly
operated by BP in southern Algeria early Wednesday, killing two
people and holding foreigners hostage while surrounded by
Algerian forces.  A militant group claimed responsibility for the
attack saying it was in revenge for Algeria's support of France's
operation against al-Qaida-linked Malian rebels groups far to the
southeast. It said it was holding dozens of foreigners hostage. 




2 Makers Press the Case for Electric Cars. The greenest cars on
the market — electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids — have
attracted very few buyers so far. But instead of scaling back,
major automakers are eager to bring more battery-powered models
to their showrooms. Two of the biggest producers, General Motors
and Nissan, served notice at the annual Detroit auto show that
they are in the electric-car business for the long haul. Posted.


California high-speed rail cost figures coming in, but no one
will see them yet. More than four years after California voters
approved a bullet train, the biggest project in state history,
sealed envelopes containing the actual cost for the first leg of
the high-speed rail line will finally be hand-delivered to state
offices this week. But you won't see the bid prices yet -- and
neither will the officials planning the project. They'll be filed
away in sealed containers, with the supporting documents locked
up in fireproof cabinets. Posted.


Clean energy group begins to define and measure industry's global
economic clout. A new report from a business group promoting
energy security and innovation estimates that "advanced energy"
products and services generated $1.1 trillion in global economic
activity in 2011, making it larger than the pharmaceutical
industry. The report, released yesterday by the Washington,
D.C.-based Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), found that in the
United States, companies working to build cleaner and more
efficient energy systems drove a $132 billion marketplace in
2011, with an estimated 19 percent growth rate for 2012. Posted.
http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2013/01/16/2 BY

Edison Wants San Onofre Documents From State Investigation Kept
Secret. Southern California Edison wants most of its testimony
kept secret in a state investigation into what went wrong with
the San Onofre nuclear plant. In calling for the secret
testimony, Edison and SDG&E said they may be required to submit
confidential and proprietary information for the state
investigation. Posted.


COLTON: Diesel business moves in. Diesel Injection Service will
commemorate its relocation to Colton within the San Bernardino
Valley Enterprise Zone with a grand opening celebration Saturday,
Jan. 19, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Colton Mayor Sarah Zamora,
Councilmember Isaac Suchil, the Colton Chamber of Commerce and
company officials are scheduled to christen the new facility, at
1690 Ashley Way, Colton, with a ribbon cutting. Posted.


Why has climate legislation failed? An interview with Theda
Skocpol.  On the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama often said
his top two priorities were climate change and health care. By
the end of his first term, however, only health care legislation
had been signed into law. The effort to pass a climate bill was a
total bust.  Posted. 

At a Climate Protest, Science and Religion. Science and religion
went hand-in-hand on Tuesday as leaders from both worlds gathered
in front of the White House to protest what they cast as
government inaction on climate change. “This gathering today is
to affirm that God has gifted us in many ways, one of which is a
good mind to figure out how things are going,” said Bob Coleman,
the chief programming minister of the Riverside Church in New
York City. Posted.

Johnson Controls Offers Start-Stop Battery System. Forget
high-voltage hybrids and instead look to the practicality of
48-volt systems, says Johnson Controls. Alex Molinaroli,
president of the company’s power systems business, said on Monday
that a combination 12- and 48-volt system will power efficient
start-stop vehicles first in Europe and eventually in North
America. The company has named the battery system Micro Hybrid, a
term that has generally been used for minimalist hybrid systems.

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