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arbcombo -- Extension of the DCL Sootfilter Verification

Posted: 29 Jan 2013 09:41:52
DCL International Incorporated's Mine-X Sootfilter® System
Verification for Off-Road Applications 


The Air Resources Board (ARB) has reviewed the Non-Road Transient
Composite emissions testing data for the Mine-X Sootfilter®
system for off-road and portable equipment using off-road diesel
engines.  The Mine-X Sootfilter® system employs a catalyzed
flow-through filter and a catalyzed diesel particulate filter
with a back pressure monitor to achieve an 85 percent reduction
in particulate matter emissions, qualifying it for Level 3 “Plus”
verification. Specific engine families and conditions for which
the Mine-X Sootfilter® system has been approved may be found on
ARB website at:  


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