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pqao -- Corrective Action Notification Process

Posted: 01 Feb 2013 12:35:35
The California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Quality Management
Branch (QMB) developed the Corrective Action Notification (CAN)
process to document, investigate, correct, and reduce the
recurrence of air monitoring issues.  

The CAN process may be initiated by any person in the ARB Primary
Quality Assurance Organization (PQAO) who identifies an air
monitoring issue that may impact data quality, completeness,
storage, or reporting.  The responsible organization is expected
to investigate the issue and work with the QMB to implement
appropriate corrective action.  

For more information regarding the CAN process, please visit the
Corrective Action Notification Process webpage at:


The CAN Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which describes the
CAN process can be accessed online at:


The CAN form can be accessed online at:


The CAN process will improve data quality and ensure compliance
with State, federal, and local requirements.  Monitoring
organizations within the ARB PQAO are encouraged to adopt this
process.  If a monitoring organization chooses to use an
alternative process, the monitoring organization must submit the
process to ARB for review and approval.

For additional information regarding the ARB PQAO and the
resources available to monitoring organizations within the ARB
PQAO, please visit the ARB PQAO homepage at:


Please contact one of the following Quality Management Section
staff if you have any questions or comments:

Patrick Rainey - (916) 327-4756; prainey@arb.ca.gov

Greg Gilani - (916) 445-9391; ggilani@arb.ca.gov

Darsi Goto - (916) 324-9656; dlgoto@arb.ca.gov

Maria Salomon - (916) 322-3267; msalomon@arb.ca.gov

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