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arbcombo -- Annual Reporting For Transit Agency Fleet Rule

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 15:33:05
Transit Online Reporting Extension for 2013. 
Online Annual Reporting is now available for use by agencies
subject to the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies, title 13,
California Code of Regulations, section 2023.  The reporting
deadline has been extended to February 28, 2013.  The final
phase-in date for all urban bus and transit fleet vehicles was
December 31, 2010 therefore all transit agencies must be in full
compliance by meeting or exceeding the emission reduction
requirements of the regulation. 
The website for the Online Annual Reporting Database is found at:

In February 2000, the Air Resources Board (ARB) established a new
fleet rule to control emissions from urban buses operated by
transit agencies, titled the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies.  In
February 2005, the ARB approved proposed amendments to include
transit fleet vehicles to the scope of the rule.

The Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies was established to reduce
both diesel particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
emitted by urban buses and transit fleet vehicles that are owned
and leased by transit agencies.  The rule mandates that transit
fleet agencies meet diesel emission reduction and reporting
requirements for both PM and NOx.  The rule requires transit
fleets to use alternative fuels or meet diesel emission
reductions through the application of Best Available Control
Technologies (BACT). Urban bus fleets must now demonstrate an 85%
reduction of PM from the 2002 baseline and a NOx fleet average of
4.8 g/bhp-hr.  Other transit fleet vehicles must now demonstrate
an 80% reduction of PM from the 2005 baseline and a NOx fleet
average of 2.4 g/bhp-hr.
For more information regarding the Fleet Rule for Transit
Agencies, please visit: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/bus/bus.htm.
Questions regarding regulation requirements and compliance should
be directed to Sara Dastoum at sdastoum@arb.ca.gov or (916)

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