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msei -- EMFAC2011 Project Level Assessment Tools and Minor Correction

Posted: 08 Feb 2013 10:41:02
The California Air Resources Board is providing a new handbook
and tools that describe how to use EMFAC2011 for project level
assessment and allow easier access to emission factor data.  For
more information please visit: 

In addition, we are releasing revised versions of EMFAC2011-LDV
and EMFAC2011-SG to correct the calculated number of motorcycle
and motorhome starts in Santa Clara County.  This correction
fixes an overestimate of emissions from those vehicles that was
unique to Santa Clara County.  No other areas of the state were
affected, and emissions in all other areas of the State are

All EMFAC users should visit the ARB EMFAC2011 website to
download the latest version of these two modules.  If you have
questions, please email the Mobile Source Emissions Inventory
Branch staff at msei@arb.ca.gov and we will respond promptly to
your requests.

EMFAC is California’s model for estimating on-road mobile source
emissions inventories for air quality and transportation
planning, regulatory assessment, and project-level assessment. 
EMFAC2011 was released in 2011 to meet federal air quality and
transportation planning guidelines.  

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