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altdiesel -- White Paper Released for Conceptual Approach to Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation.

Posted: 15 Feb 2013 15:54:54
ARB staff has posted a white paper that describes various
regulatory concepts we are exploring for an Alternative Diesel
Fuel (ADF) regulation. Staff proposes an updated regulatory
framework that would provide a specific and certain pathway
toward approval of alternative diesel fuels for use in
California; as the ADFs that are the most advanced in development
and commercialization, biodiesel and renewable diesel would be
the first fuels to be reviewed under the proposed process.  This
white paper represents the culmination of staff’s evaluations and
information gathered in public workshops over the past several
years, and can be found at:
 Public comments will be accepted as part of an upcoming public
workshop, which staff will announce soon via a separate listserve

For further information please refer to our website at:
http://www.arb.ca.gov/fuels/diesel/altdiesel/biodiesel.htm or
contact Alexander Mitchell, Air Pollution Specialist at
amitchel@arb.ca.gov or 916-327-1513.

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard, a regulation to reduce the carbon
intensity of fuels sold in California ten percent by 2020, is one
of the measures adopted by the California Air Resources Board,
pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 38500-38599 (AB 32)
to reduce greenhouse gases in California.  It is designed to help
clean the air, protect the environment, and drive the development
of clean, low-carbon fuels to improve California's energy
security and energy independence.

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