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newsclips -- ARB Newsclips for February 25, 2013

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 12:17:14
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles 


Seen as Nature Lovers’ Paradise, Utah Struggles With Air Quality.
Utah has long been known as an outdoor lover’s utopia. The skiing
and mountain biking are among the best anywhere. And the
snow-clotted mountains that tower around Salt Lake give this city
a mythic quality during winter. But lately, the Wasatch Front,
the corridor of cities and towns where most Utahans live, has
acquired a reputation for a less enviable attribute: bad air.

Update factors in new laws for climate change. The impact of the
state's climate change laws can be seen in a long-term
transportation plan developing in San Joaquin County, which will
exhibit a stronger-than-ever link to planned housing and other
land use expectations. The Regional Transportation Plan includes
policies, programs and specific projects needed in the county.
It's updated every three years, but the latest iteration for the
first time will include a "sustainable communities strategy."

Compromise on snowmobiles in yellowstone. After more than 15
years, the Yellowstone snowmobile wars may have reached an end.
The National Park Service announced Friday it has a new plan for
managing snowmobiles and snow coaches in Yellowstone National
Park, a compromise between tour operators eager to bring tourists
in during the winter and environmentalists who oppose the
pollution and noise accompanying such vehicles. Posted. 


Global warming worries California voters, poll finds.  A new
survey shows most California voters don't like government's
response to global warming and still support the state's
greenhouse gas emissions law.  The Field Poll results released
today show that 62 percent of voters are unhappy with the federal
government's actions and nearly half, 49 percent, give low marks
to what the state is doing.  Posted. 


ARB announces results of latest Cap-and-Trade auction.  The
California Air Resources Board (ARB) today announced the result
of last week's Cap-and-Trade Allowance auction. A summary of the
results was posted on its website at noon today.  This second
auction of greenhouse gas (GHG) allowances was held on February
19, 2013. It included a current auction of 2013 vintage
allowances and an advanced auction of 2016 vintage allowances.
The auction is part of California's Ab32 Climate Change
regulations.  Posted. 

U.S. offers airspace-based emissions regime.  A U.S. proposal for
curbing aircraft emissions would exclude time spent flying over
international waters, an approach that some environmental groups
say is too timid in addressing the rise in greenhouse gasses from
the aviation sector.  Posted. 

Hotter, wetter climate slashes labor capacity by 10 percent: U.S.
study.  Earth's increasingly hot, wet climate has cut the amount
of work people can do in the worst heat by about 10 percent in
the past six decades, and that loss in labor capacity could
double by mid-century, U.S. government scientists reported on
Sunday.  Posted. 


Valley landowners drop suit against high-speed rail.  A
collection of landowners whose properties are in the path of
proposed high-speed trains in Madera and Fresno counties have
dropped their lawsuit against the California High-Speed Rail
Authority.  The rail authority announced Friday that it reached a
settlement with Timeless Investment Inc., Millennium Acquisitions
Inc., Horizon Enterprises and Everspring Alliance LP. It is the
second lawsuit against the authority to be dismissed in less than
a month.  Posted. 

Symbolism weighs heavy at Iran nuclear talks venue.  The venue
for talks on Iran's nuclear program between world powers and
Tehran carries a symbolism that Western negotiators will hope
serves as a positive omen.  In the 1990s, Kazakhstan, a sprawling
former Soviet republic, gave up a huge nuclear stockpile and now
wants to capitalize on its nonproliferation track record by
offering to host a bank of reactor fuel that would remove the
need for countries, namely Iran, to enrich uranium for
themselves.  Posted. 

US CEOs back more oil drilling and Keystone XL pipeline.  A group
of top business executives on Monday urged U.S. officials to cut
red tape for drillers and open more federal land to oil and gas
interests and approve the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline which is
opposed by some environmental groups.  The Business Roundtable,
which speaks for chief executives at major U.S. companies, said
too much regulation is hindering a true domestic energy
renaissance even as domestic oil and gas output is booming due to
new technology such as fracking.  Posted. 

US Freedom Bio Fuels Adds Air-Tec Hydrogen Fuel Saving Systems. 
US Freedom Bio Fuels LLC, an industry leader of biodiesel
processing systems since 2008, announced today that they have
expanded their product line to include hydrogen boost systems and
waste oil furnaces.   "We are really excited about being able to
offer a complete bio fuel package, Bio Fuels utilize waste and
free energy to significantly reduce operating costs," commented
Frederic Kirsch, Co-Owner of US Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC. He
continues, "Biodiesel cuts your cost at the pump; the hydrogen
boost system ensures you get the most out of your fuel, and
lastly a waste oil furnace can provide essentially free heat." 

Chevron Corp latest oil major to make Australian shale bet.  The
U.S.-based Chevron Corp became the latest in a string of oil
majors that have decided to invest in Australian shale,
announcing on Monday that it has bought interest in two gas
blocks in the Cooper Basin from Beach Energy.  Posted. 

U.S. natgas futures climb for 2nd day, forecasts turn colder. 
Front-month U.S. natural gas futures gained ground on Monday for
a second straight session as cold weather forecasts for the next
two weeks continued to boost prospects for heating demand. 
Traders also said gas at current levels was still cheap enough to
draw support from some utilities opting to shun more expensive
coal for power generation. Posted. 
U.S. Refiners May Use RINs to Meet Requirement on Biofuel Use. 
U.S. oil refiners may draw from a reserve of 2.5 billion
Renewable Identification Numbers that they’ve banked in previous
years to meet federal requirements for the amount of ethanol they
blend into gasoline this year.  Blenders can use as much as 20
percent of the current year’s volume of the RINs to meet the
Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard set out
in 2007, according to a report released today by Bloomberg New
Energy Finance.  Posted. 

China's BYD Looks to Triple Sales of Electric Vehicles.  China's
BYD is betting that the wider adoption of its electric vehicles
for public transportation will help triple sales...  Posted.


Oregon to review $30M in tax credits for wind farm.  The state
Department of Energy is reviewing whether a major wind farm in
north-central Oregon should have received $30 million in tax
credits.  Officials decided to re-evaluate their recent approval
of the tax breaks for the Shepherd's Flat wind farm after The
Oregonian newspaper raised questions about whether it should have
qualified for them. Posted. 

Sullivan Solar Power Partners with aleo solar to Provide the
Industry’s First 2.99% Financing.  Sullivan Solar Power, one of
the California’s largest renewable energy providers, today
announced its partnership with aleo solar to provide low interest
loans for residential solar power systems in Southern California.
As opposed to a solar lease, what has become a typical financing
method offered in the market, homeowners now have the opportunity
to own their solar power system with a modest 12-year loan at a
low 2.99% interest rate.  Posted. 

Lucintel Offering a Webinar, Growth Opportunities in Solar
Photovoltaic Market 2012-2017, on 7th March, 2013.  In calendar
year 2011, the total amount of solar photovoltaic (PV)
installations around the globe was estimated at 27.6 GW. The
solar PV market experienced robust growth and reached an
estimated US $93 billion with a 55% CAGR during 2006-2011. Solar
PV promises strong growth in the coming years, which is reflected
by the increasing installations comprising new capacity in the
APAC nations, especially in China and India, along with huge
potential in other “sunbelt” regions such as Africa, Japan, and
Australia. Posted.

Powerpac Ltd Enlist Brand Management Gurus Brand Outreach To
Promote Green Deal Financing Opportunity.  Brand Outreach the
media specialists recently announced a partnership with Powerpac
Ltd. Brand Outreach will facilitate media coverage for Powerpac.
Powerpac Ltd has recently announced the Green Deal Finance plan
as an accredited Green Deal installer, enabling businesses and
homes to get finance to upgrade to solar power solutions. The
deal even includes grant funding for heating and insulation
upgrades through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).  Posted. 

Silicon Valley-based Solar Junction signs agreement with Amonix. 
Silicon Valley-based solar energy company Solar Junction, a
developer of high efficiency multi-junction solar energy cells
for the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market, has signed a
co-development agreement with Amonix, a leading designer and
manufacturer of utility-scale CPV solar power systems.  Posted.

Canadian Solar and Strata Solar Partner on Portfolio of Utility
Scale Projects.  Canadian Solar, Inc., (the "Company," or
"Canadian Solar") (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world's largest
solar companies, today announced that it has invested in and
partnered with Strata Solar on a suite of utility-scale solar
power projects located in North Carolina. The projects, developed
jointly, will total approximately 85MW divided amongst 15 unique
solar installations.  Posted. 

Greenbriar Negotiating New Solar Land Acquisitions.  Greenbriar
Capital Corp. -- (the "Company" or "Greenbriar") (TSX Venture
Exchange -- "GRB") is pleased to announce that it is in
negotiations to acquire at least five and up to eight real
properties suitable for utility scale solar production. The sites
are in very near proximity to utility scale interconnection
facilities and provide ideal topographical conditions for
large-scale energy production.  Posted. 

S.J. businesses find it's easy being green. Maybe you've seen the
giant wind turbines that power a distribution center and a rock
quarry in the south county. Maybe you've seen the solar panels
sprouting alongside Lincoln Unified schools. Maybe you've seen
all-electric cars zipping along city streets, or plugging in at
public stations. Green industry remains a small fraction of San
Joaquin County's economy. But it can be hard to miss. And even as
the county welcomes new cleaner, greener industry, many
traditional businesses are also looking for ways to save the
environment while saving money. Posted.


Bay Area environmental group proposes hybrid levees for bay.  As
global warming escalates, San Francisco Bay's existing flood
protection system will be no match for rising sea levels. But
according to a new report by a Bay Area environmental group,
fortifying the bay's shoreline with levees fronted by restored
tidal marshes will be a cheaper, more aesthetic and ecologically
sensitive alternative to traditional levees.  Posted. 


 Is This The Right Time To Bet On Miller Energy Resources ? 
Miller Energy Resources is an oil and natural gas exploration,
production and drilling company operating in the Cook Inlet area
of Alaska and in the heart of Tennessee's Appalachian Basin. The
stock has been moving for 12 months now in a range from $3.50 to
$5 per share, making it easy for any trader to earn money. Has
the time come for Miller to break $5 and help the investors make
money, too?  Posted. 

The next big thing in energy: Decentralization.  The smart energy
analysts over at Pike Research — which puts out weekly reports
I’d love to see but can never afford — recently published an
interesting brief, and for once it’s free! It’s a high-level
overview of “Five Metatrends to Watch in 2013 and Beyond” in the
energy sector. Metatrends! (I really wanted to call this post
“Metatrends Vs. Crocosaurus.”  Posted. 

Steve Scauzillo: Air pollution regulations put us light years
ahead of China. The next time someone complains about our strict
air pollution regulations in Southern California, just Google the
words "China" and "air pollution." You will see very recent
images of smoggy Beijing that makes an August day in L.A. back in
the 1970s look like a picture postcard of a Swiss city with the
gleaming Alps in the background. The air in China is so bad, you
can see it from space. Posted.


New Business Alternatives for Obama's Climate Change Program. 
President Obama's emphatic stances on climate change during his
inaugural address were indeed welcome words. Most analysts are
focusing on the administration's ability to use new regulatory
powers, largely through the EPA. But there are two other options
that are currently underused and under-imagined.  First, patent
pooling has been used since the 19th century to spur innovation
in industry to support either a wartime emergency or a financial
debacle.  Posted. 

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