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pqao -- Air Quality System - Data Certification Webinar

Posted: 02 Apr 2013 14:44:36
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be conducting a
webinar on Thursday, April 4th, 11:00am Pacific Time, to provide
training for the new Air Quality System (AQS) data certification

Please forward this announcement, as appropriate, to the
individuals within your organization who are responsible for data

To register for this webinar, visit this website:


You will be sent instructions on how to join the webinar via an
automatic email reply when you register. 

Please contact one of the following California Air Resources
Board, Quality Management Section staff if you have any questions
or comments:

Patrick Rainey - (916) 327-4756; prainey@arb.ca.gov

Greg Gilani - (916) 445-9391; ggilani@arb.ca.gov

Darsi Goto - (916) 324-9656; dlgoto@arb.ca.gov

Maria Salomon - (916) 322-3267; msalomon@arb.ca.gov

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