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Posted: 20 Mar 2007 12:36:49
The Carl Moyer Program provides monetary grants for the
incremental cost of cleaner than required technology. Section
44286 of the Health and Safety Code gives ARB the authority to
reserve up to ten percent of Carl Moyer Program funding for
multi-district projects. 

March 16, 2007, the ARB released a solicitation seeking projects
that qualify for this multidistrict funding: projects that
operate in more than one air district, or that impact air
quality in more than one air district as a result of air
pollutant transport. 

The official solicitation is found at the following link:


The 2007 Multidistrict Project Solicitation is directed at
providing monetary grants to offset the incremental cost of
reduced emission technologies in the following project
	Goods movement projects, including: marine vessels and
locomotives; off-road equipment permanently located at a
maritime port or rail yard; on-road heavy-duty vehicles that
transport cargo to and from a maritime port or rail yard (at
least 400 annual trips to a port or rail yard); and transport
refrigeration units (TRUs);
	Off-road construction equipment and mobile agricultural
equipment that operates in more than one air district;
	PM retrofit devices that also get NOx reductions for on-road
heavy-duty vehicles that operate in more than one air district;
	Idle reduction technologies installed in on-road heavy-duty
vehicles operating in more than one air district (zero-emission
idle reduction technologies for any model year on-road
heavy-duty vehicles operating in more than one air district, or
Level 3 PM retrofit for an APU equipped with a certified engine
and installed in a 2006 model year or older on-road heavy-duty
vehicle operating in more than one air district); and
	TRUs on vehicles or equipment operating in more than one air

New for 2007, the Multidistrict Project Solicitation also
includes the development and implementation of pilot retrofit
voucher programs for the following sources:
	On-road heavy-duty vehicles operating in more than one air
district; and
	Off-road construction equipment owned by small businesses.

Applications will be screened to determine that: (1) the
application is complete; (2) the projects are multidistrict as
defined above; (3) the cost-effectiveness will be no more than
$14,300 per weighted ton of NOx plus ROG plus twenty times
combustion PM reduced; (4) the technology is commercially
available; and (5) the emission reductions are real, surplus,
quantifiable and enforceable. 

All applications must be signed by the applicants and must be
received by ARB no later than 5:00 PM April 27, 2007. 
Applications that are not signed by the applicant or that are
sent via facsimile or e-mail will not be accepted.  Applications
can be mailed or hand delivered to:

Ms. Grace Garcia
Mobile Source Control Division
Air Resources Board
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95812


	The multidistrict funds application forms will be available to
the public on March 16, 2007.
	An applicant Question and Answer conference for those seeking
additional information on the program will be held at the ARB
offices in Sacramento on the tentative date of March 29, 2007.
	The final filing date and time to submit applications for the
multidistrict funds is 5:00 PM, April 27, 2007.
	Projects selected for funding will be posted by ARB staff on
June 1, 2007.

Fax or e-mail applications will not be accepted

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