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hdghg -- New Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation Compliance Tool for Truck Drivers and Shippers Now Available Online

Posted: 21 May 2013 13:08:13
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has developed a website
to help truck drivers and freight shippers determine the
compliance requirements of individual 53-foot box trailers with
California’s Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation
(Regulation). The website will report whether a trailer has been
registered with CARB for an extension or an exemption so that
they may operate in California without aerodynamic retrofits. 
Users will be able to access the website from any
internet-enabled device (including computers, mobile phones, or
tablets) to search for a trailer by VIN or license plate number. 
This website will be most helpful for users in the field that
need to know whether a trailer currently not equipped with
aerodynamic devices may be operated legally in California at a
given point in time.

Trailers that are not retrofitted and are not reported on the
website may still be compliant with the regulation if the
   -Is traveling empty 
   -Is being pulled by tractors registered with CARB as short
haul or local haul
   -Has a pass or is being pulled by a tractor with a pass (a
copy will be with the driver or on the trailer)
   -Is a 2003-2009 reefer with a 2003 or newer reefer engine

Users seeking compliance information on trailers meeting any of
the above criteria will not be able to use the results of this
website, and will have to visually confirm a trailer’s compliance

The website may be accessed at arb.ca.gov/ghgcheck.
To assist users with the compliance tool, a help page is included


The Regulation applies to 53-foot or longer dry van or
refrigerated van box-type trailers and the tractors that pull
them on California highways. The Regulation requires
tractor-trailers operating in California to use tractors and
box-type trailers that utilize certain aerodynamic equipment and
low rolling resistance tires, as verified by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program, to meet
specified fuel efficiency improvements.  All affected trailers
must comply with the aerodynamic requirements by January 1, 2013,
unless they were registered for extensions and exemptions. 
Because owners of trailers, motor carriers, truck drivers,
California-based shippers, and California-based brokers are all
responsible for complying with the regulation, this tool was
developed to help them determine which trailers they can legally
operate in California.

For further information about the regulation, training, outreach
efforts, compliance tool, or the full text of the Regulation,
please visit http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/hdghg/hdghg.htm or call    
 866-6DIESEL (866-634-3735), or email us at

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