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biogas -- Biogas/AB1900 – Errata for ARB-OEHHA Report to CPUC

Posted: 23 May 2013 14:26:26
Errata for report “Recommendations to the California Public
Utilities Commission Regarding Health Protective Standards for
the Injection of Biomethane into the Common Carrier Pipeline.” 

The purpose of this list serve is to notify interested parties
that an error was corrected in Table ES-1 “Constituents of
Concern in Biogas,” in the report recently released by the Air
Resources Board (ARB) and the Office of Environmental Health
Hazard Assessment (OEHHA).  In Table ES-1 of the electronic
version of the report released on May 15, 2013, a checkmark
() indicated that p-Dichlorobenzene is a constituent of
concern for dairy biogas and landfills.  However,
p-Dichlorobenzene is a constituent of concern for landfills and
POTWs, not dairies.  This error has been corrected in the
electronic version of the document posted at
http://www.arb.ca.gov/energy/biogas/biogas.htm and a footnote has
been placed in the document to note the errata.  If you do not
see the updated report, please refresh your browser.

AB 1900, authored by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, requires the CPUC to
develop standards for constituents in biogas to protect human
health and pipeline integrity and safety by December 31, 2013. 
In support of the CPUC standards development efforts, the ARB and
OEHHA, in consultation with other State agencies, are to provide
recommendations by May 15, 2013, on health based standards for
constituents of concern in biomethane to be injected into the
common carrier pipeline.  Pursuant to these requirements, ARB and
OEHHA provided a report with the above information and
recommendations to the CPUC on May 15, 2013.  The report is also
available to the public at the attached link:
http://www.arb.ca.gov/energy/biogas/biogas.htm.  If you have any
questions about the information in this report, please contact
the technical staff identified in the same link.  

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