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ordiesel -- ARB In-Use Off-road Diesel Rule - Revised Regulatory Language

Posted: 06 Sep 2007 09:11:54
At the July 26, 2007, Air Resources Board (Board) meeting, the
Board adopted the proposed in-use off-road diesel vehicle
regulation, along with staff’s proposed minor modifications to
it.  The Board also directed staff to make several additional
changes to the regulatory language.  

Staff have developed draft regulatory language implementing the
Board’s direction.  To expedite the comment process, staff is
releasing this draft regulatory language for informal public
comment.  The document below provides the draft regulatory

Staff would like to solicit feedback from interested
stakeholders on these proposed changes. Please submit any
comments by Friday, September 14 to Kim Heroy-Rogalski by email
at kheroyro@arb.ca.gov.  

After receiving and addressing any informal comments from
stakeholders, staff will formally release the proposed changes
to the regulatory language for a supplemental comment period of
at least 15 days.  Staff anticipates releasing the so-called
“15-day package” by the end of September.  

Staff has also provided an updated overview fact sheet
describing the adopted in-use off-road diesel vehicle rule. 
Please see the link below: 

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