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arbcombo -- Energy Efficiency & Co-Benefits Assessment for Large Industrial Sources - Refinery Public Report will be available at noon on June 6, 2013

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 13:02:44
The first of the Energy Efficiency Assessment Public
ReportsóRefinery Sector Public Reportówill be available at noon
on June 6, 2013, on the following website:. 


ARB staff is developing five separate Public Reports compiling
the information provided by the facilities subject to the EEA
Regulation.  The Public Reports provide a sector-wide and
facility-specific summary of the energy efficiency improvement
projects identified by all of the reporting facilities.  In
addition, information on the estimated greenhouse gas, criteria
pollutant, and toxics pollutant emission reductions and costs, as
reported by the facilities, is included.  The data presented in
the reports is aggregated in a manner to be consistent with the
public disclosure requirements under California Code of
Regulations (CCR) ß95610.  

The release of the Energy Efficiency Assessment Public Reports is
Phase 1 of a multi-phase program.  ARB staff will be scheduling a
stakeholder meeting on the Refinery Sector Public Report in early
July to receive public comments on the report.  

Phase 2:  Develop and Release ARB Findings Report
ARB staff will conduct a comprehensive review of the reported
data, comparing projects across sectors and evaluating them
against other available information, including the Department of
Energy Industrial Technologies Program Best Practices.  ARB staff
will prepare a draft report with preliminary findings and
recommendations covering all of the sectors.
Phase 3:  Develop Energy Efficiency Implementation Program
The stakeholder meetings and the subsequent ARB Findings Report
will be used as a starting point for discussion with all
stakeholders on what actions and approaches could be taken to
maximize on-site greenhouse gas, criteria, and toxic pollutants
emission reductions.  

Background: On July 22, 2010, the Air Resources Board (ARB)
approved the Energy Efficiency and Co-Benefit Assessment of Large
Industrial Facilities (EEA Regulation).  The regulation required
the largest industrial sources in California to conduct a
one-time assessment of fuel and energy consumption, and emissions
of greenhouse gas, criteria pollutants, and toxic air
contaminants.  Affected facilities were also required to identify
potential improvements in equipment, processes, or systems that
could result in energy savings.

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